Alright, guys, summertime is here and that means many different activities. For some of us, it’s time to throw some hot dogs on the grill, crack open a couple of cold ones, and have friends and family over for a good old-fashioned cookout. For others, the summertime is all about booking that dream vacation somewhere tropical. It doesn’t get much better than a sandy beach, a deep blue ocean, and drink in your hand (yes, we see that umbrella sticking out of your drink and, no, we aren’t judging). For you homeowners, summertime is about getting started on those projects you’ve have been procrastinating on around the house. But for some of us, no matter what activity we are planning on enjoying, all the commotion is interrupted by the ringing bells of wedding season.


Your fridge eventually becomes a collage of “save-the-dates” and, before you know it, you’re weekends are being taken over by happy couples tying the knot. Rescheduling that cookout or putting off those home repairs can be a little frustrating, but weddings aren’t all that bad. From seeing friends and family to enjoying a great time at a reception, sometimes weddings can be something to look forward to.


There’s always a checklist when it comes to weddings. Make sure you start out with RSVPing. You don’t want to be that guy that just shows up and expects a seat at any guest’s table. This is the most important day of two people’s lives, after all, not your friend’s man-cave Super Bowl pregame. Next, pick up the perfect wedding gift. Luckily for you, wedding gifts are much easier than shopping for the whole family at Christmas. All you’ve got to do is find their registry and check off the perfect wedding gift. Finally, if you’re not already taken, hopefully you have someone in mind to recruit as your plus-one.


You’ve RSVPs, picked up the gift, and found that perfect plus-one, what’s next? Before you can start wishing the best to the newlyweds, it’s time to consider the most basic question of attending a wedding: what should you wear?


If you’re struggling to find the appropriate attire for a wedding, there’s no need to stress. There a few clues to help a guy out. Below are a few ways to help you narrow down the perfect wedding guest attire.


  1. Check The Invitation – Usually, the theme of the wedding will be stated on the invite. Casual, black tie or formal are all possible wedding attire themes. Make sure you pay attention to the wedding’s theme when you’re choosing your attire. Showing up to a wedding in a casual button-down while all the other gentlemen are in James Bond tuxedos could be a tad embarrassing.
  2. Know The Venue – As simple as it sounds, one of the easiest ways to choose your attire is by knowing the wedding venue. If the wedding is outdoors, think about what season it is. Weddings during the summer are often held outside, which means you should choose attire that is a lighter fabric, like cotton or chambray. During the winter time, think about wearing a jacket that is comfortable and warm, but still stylish.
  3. Match Your Date – When in doubt, ask your date what they are wearing. Don’t be the couple that shows up in matching t-shirts, but definitely consider matching the small details of your attire. Try wearing a tie that is the same colour of their dress, or wearing a suit that compliments their style.
  4. Ask For Help – Don’t be afraid to reach out to the soon-to-be newlyweds for their opinions. There’s no shame in asking them to specify their wedding attire preferences. Tell them you’d rather ask than show up in your basketball shorts (hopefully they can take a joke)!


If you’re still struggling to suit up with the right wedding attire, the wedding attire experts at The Black Tux have put together a wedding guest style guide to help you out. In the end, don’t be afraid to ask questions, look at new styles, and try wearing a cummerbund… whatever that is!