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Video + Photo

Hybrid Album

Personalised Photo Album with Video Album box is a great choice to keep both photos and videos at the same place. The screen is rechargeable with cable. We can help you to upload videos and photo slideshow. Screen sizes available: 7″ and 10″. 

For the album, you can choose from a variety, including acrylic photo cover, leather, linen, and maple. We can also match your wedding theme colours when choosing wedding album materials.

Classic Glass Cover Album

Strengthened Glass Cover

The strengthened glass cover is one of our best sellers. The reason? It is sturdy, anti-scratch, and looked beautiful. The most popular sizes are: 12″ x 16″, 11″ x 14″, and 8″ x 10″. The bottom cover and box material are leather. Although the most popular colours are black and white leather, you can choose to have different colours for your glass album.

Photo Warp Cover

Photo Warp Cardboard Cover

Same with our glass album, you can choose to have landscape or portrait layout for this photo warp cover album book.

Except Fuji film laminated pages, you can choose to have fine-art printed pages, too.


The Difference Between Photobook and Album

The main difference between photobook and album is the lay-flat pages. Unique binding technology enables the pages to lay 180 degrees flat, from end to end. This means that you get a smooth perspective of your photographs without having to hold the pages down. With this type of layout, you can have a spread page photo. Now, you can enjoy seamless moments.

Modern Canvas

Not A Simple Canvas

We source beautiful, high-quality materials for making canvas. This type of canvas can resist moisture, bacteria, and even fire. You can clean it easily. With fine-press technology, there is no coarse texture that you can see on traditional canvas. Instead, you find the surface smooth with minimal texture.


Environmental Friendly Frames

We choose to use recycled materials to make frames. It does look like wood, right? You can also choose to put more than one photo in the picture frame. Do not forget to let us know how you would hang it up, we will attach suitable accessories at the back.

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