There are two types of brides: Bride A has been planning her wedding since she was a preteen, and knows, down to the very last detail, exactly what she wants. Bride B might already have some thoughts and ideas before she meets that special someone, but it’s not until she gets engaged and starts digging through bridal magazines and looking at professional wedding galleries that she finds her true inspiration. If you’re more of a Bride B, this article is definitely for you.

Last year, warm authenticity and bohemian flare were all the rage when it came to wedding styles, and they are still pretty high up on the list for 2022 as well. However, the new year has seen brides are moving more toward a glamorous runway look, which is great because it’s chic, but versatile enough to fit into your own personal style. The five dreamiest runway looks that brides are coveting this year are: gentle and innocent, romantic in rose, Hollywood glamour, snow white, and last but not least, the sultry, misty look.

Once you’ve got your bridal style down, it’s time to think about your bridesmaids. The hottest bridesmaid trend of 2022: sparkly, shimmery dresses. The best part about this two, seemingly separate trends: Classy sparkle compliments every variety of the chic runway bride craze.

If you’ve decided to go with the gentle and innocent look, you understand that a little juxtaposition can equate to stunning. Your whimsical hair and natural, no makeup look will neither detract from nor be overshadowed by your stunning, en vogue dress. You can make sure your bridesmaids do the same by dressing them up in something chic that isn’t a full-on sequin extravaganza. You might want to try a beaded blouse gown or dress will look striking yet understated, a shimmering satin and lace blush gown perfect compliment to your innocent yet runway worthy scheme.

The romantic in rose ensemble is great for any bride who has a soft spot for traditional weddings but still wants a modern flare to her classical, romantic wonderland. Your pearly pink face will go along well with the time-honoured crisp, white dress, as will a subtle shimmer look for your bridesmaids. A shimmery silver crushed velvet dress or some champagne tops paired with baby pink tulle skirts will fit in perfectly with your chic-yet-traditional wedding theme.

The Hollywood glamour look pulls out all the stops: eyes and lips pumped up to full volume, and a show-stopping dress to match. This is a theme where you’ll have a lot of leeway with your bridesmaid’s looks. You can go full-on old Hollywood glam with, a jewel-encrusted, flapper-esque gown with golden shimmer accents or take a more modern approach with something completely sequin-sheathed. No matter how glam you go, your bridesmaids will look ravishing but will still only be an accent to you on your big day.

The snow white look is truly runway worthy, as it takes the completely avante-garde white or silver eye look and matches it against the crisp whiteness of the classic wedding gown. For this theme, you’ll want to keep your bridesmaids in neutral colors, with just a hint of sparkle.  Shades of gray, silver, gold, pink, and tan all work great in a neutral scheme. Try a scalloped skirt with a gold-embroidered bodice, or maybe a lined dress with a sheer fabric or lace overlay that is sparsely speckled or threaded with shimmer or sparkly jewels.

The last runway-worthy bridal trend is the misty look: a smokey eye that ditches the conventional black and opts for a more mysterious or funky color. This look is fun because you can match your makeup to your wedding dress, and you can go with any sort of current trend that fits your style. The variations of bridesmaids dresses for this theme are endless, and rely heavily on how you will dress on your big day. The misty look is also super versatile: it will look stunning next to a bright, sequin and jewel-encrusted evening dress just as well as a simple and subtly sparkly sheath dress.

No matter which look you decide to go with, you’ll be sure to have one of the trendiest weddings of the year by pairing one of the most lusted-after runway-ready bridal ensemble with the shimmery, glittery, and sparkly bridesmaid getup that is all the rage in 2022.