Hi guys,

May I present to you our new VIP loyalty and referral programme? As we are getting more and more referrals, we wish to give rewards back to our clients. This VIP card is only available for clients who appointed us as service provider. Everytime you book us, buy product from us or simply refer us to someone, you will get a stamp. By getting 10 stamps, you will get a gift card of your choice (with value not lesser than £250), including portrait shoot for individuals and family, wedding day service, engagement couple shoot, prints and much more. Please see our shop for the gift cards available.

You do not need to hold the card physically, as we keep the record for you. And by appointing us for the first time, you get one stamp already. Except gift card, you will also be invited to private events hosted by us, for example, 1 hour photography workshop, hair and make up workshop, shop for style – girls day out, anniversary celebration party.

We look forward to having you in the VIP club.

Best Regards,
The Snapshot Cafe