Only someone who’s never been through the process would think that organising a wedding is something that can be done fast. In reality, most weddings take months, or even years to plan. From booking the venue on the perfect day to having time to prepare the perfect bridal look, these are the things that take time and dedication, and since most people can’t quit their job to start planning their wedding full-time, you are left with a lot of people figuring things out as they go along.

And if your own wedding is just days away, here are the things you should be doing during this week to prepare for the big day:

Beauty prep

It’s completely natural to wish that you can do all of the preparations weeks in advance and then just sit and wait for the day to come. But, unfortunately, some things just have to be done in certain times. Things like waxing and facials, which can leave your skin red and irritated, needing a few days to heal, but again you don’t want to do them too early and have them revert to their original state. Also, a week or two before the wedding, you want to dye and cut your hair. This is so that the colour is still fresh and vibrant, but on the off-chance that something goes wrong and you want to change it, you still have enough time to do that.

Makeup rehearsal

When you are sure that your skin complexion isn’t going to change drastically between now and the day of your wedding, you can do your makeup rehearsal. If you are hiring a professional artist, have them come around and try the look out. Give them plenty of references you’ve found online so that they have a clear vision of what you want to do. When they finish the look, don’t react immediately. Spend some time in the look, take photos and see how it feels. Then, if you want to change something for the big day, let your artist know so that they can prepare, and if you want major changes, schedule another rehearsal.

You will also want to pack your emergency makeup kit that one of your bridesmaids should have on them at all times. You don’t have to put in everything, just the things that wear off over time from sweat, eating and drinking. Pack a compact powder foundation that will make sure you don’t look shiny in your photos, the lipstick of your choice, and a liquid liner, just in case. Wet wipes and oil blotting sheets shouldn’t be too far, either.


Break in your shoes

When choosing your shoes, the number one thing you need to be looking for is comfort. Push away any thoughts of “it’s just for one day!”, because being in uncomfortable shoes that you can barely stand on can ruin your entire wedding experience. So, after you’ve bought your comfortable shoes, you still need to break them in. Wear them around the house to make sure they don’t get dirty, and if they are a bit tight, wear them on top of thick socks to stretch them out a bit.

Spend time with the loved ones

Odds are, you’ve been too busy these days with the wedding planning that you haven’t actually had the chance to pay attention to your partner, let alone your friends and family. In this final week, take it easy; invite your bridesmaids to a spa for some girl time, organize a family dinner to spend quality time before the wedding and, of course, find some time for your SO. Have a quiet night in with a bottle of wine and look through old photos, tell yourself why you love each other, and just be with each other, completely relaxed from the stresses of wedding planning.

Arrange the finishing touches

All the big preparations, especially those including other people, should be done by this point, but you might have a few more things to finish. Firstly, is your look completely planned? All of the jewellery you’re planning to wear cleaned and polished? Do you know which socks and underwear you’re going to wear? Do you have your vows prepared? Do all of these little things in advance, so that you’re not left rushing around, finishing things on your wedding day.

If some things don’t go according to plan: it’s okay. It is perfectly fine and you need to accept that some things just happen, in spite of all of the preparation. What’s important is that you are there with the people who love and support you, and that you are enjoying the day, because after all, you two are the most important people there. And – of course – make sure there is a photographer to take plenty of pictures, because this is the one day you are going to want to look back on!

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