Everyone is talking about rustic chic right now, but do you really know what it represents? If you are eager to find out something more about this charming decoration style, stay with us. Here are some main characteristic of rustic chic, together with a list of four DIY projects that will perfectly incorporate into the theme of your wedding. Enjoy!

The Main Characteristic of Rustic Chic

Rustic chic is a combination of simple and sweet styles that will sweep you off your feet with its beauty and simplicity. It represents something closely connected to the countryside, and our first associations are natural fabrics, different textures and patterns, and of course, organics.

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Rustic chic is, for that reason, one of the most wanted go-to choices when it comes to wedding décor, since it represents a romantic style that perfectly depicts past times. Pastel colours and handmade details are just some of the elements of this gorgeous style, and here are some ideas on what to do with them:


Gold Sprig Backdrop

For this stunning DIY project you will need only green sprigs, gold spray paint and clippers. Trim the sprigs and leave a few centimeters of stem at the base. Spray them with gold spray paint, one by one, and let them dry. Lay the sprigs out on the arrangement you will use on the wall and line the stems up so they are all parallel. Then use tape or nails to affix them to the wall, and you are good to go!

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This decoration idea is simple yet extremely effective, which is why many brides love it so much.

Coffee Cans as Vases

Upcycle those old coffee cans you have been keeping in your kitchen for years, and use them as a perfect decoration at your own wedding. The process is simple: use silver or gold spray paint to give them different, romantic appearance. Once they are dry, you can use them as vases for beautiful white flowers that will perfectly match the whole rustic theme.

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Needless to say, such a decoration is perfect for all kinds of wedding venuesfrom traditional places, to urban ones, no matter of their size.

Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Banner

Mr. and Mrs. banners are one of the most popular wedding decorations nowadays, and there numerous variations of them so that everyone can choose something for themselves. Rustic wedding theme requires something simple and unique, and you will achieve authenticity by making your own.

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You will do that by cutting out triangles out of natural fabrics, such as linen or jute – just make sure that all the triangles are of the same size. Then write down the individual letters on each one of them, connect the triangles with a long piece of string, and voila – your rustic wedding banner is all done!

Amazing Succulent Centerpieces

As you already know, flowers have a major role in wedding decoration, however, they unfortunately wither only few days after the ceremony. For this reason, it would be a great idea to choose decoration that is equally remarkable, but that won’t droop immediately afterwards.

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Succulents can be a great choice for this purpose, and all you have to do is to plant them into differently textured and sized glasses and jars. These centerpieces will look truly breathtaking at your ceremony, especially if you add up small shells or rocks at the top. Trust us, you will make no mistake with that!

As you can see, rustic chic is not that difficult to accomplish when it comes to your wedding decoration – all you need are a good will and a few dollars to make it work. You don’t even need specific set of skills for these DIY projects because they are truly simple, but what is more important, they are effective and look fantastic. Give it a try!




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