Marquise cut diamonds are one of the most prevalent diamonds among the category of diamonds that is considered to be the fancy shaped. These types of diamonds have been designed since long and are one of the oldest and most sophisticated diamond cuts. The engagement rings made out of the marquise cut diamonds are an eternal classic. From the time when they are time-honored they give a long and slender look. The suggested length to width ratio for a pear shaped diamond is near about 1.75 to 2.10 to one. The contemporary pear shaped diamond is based on the round wonderful and therefore named as the ‘modified brilliant Marquise’. The marquise cut diamonds give amazing outlook in various kinds of rings together with the halo settings with minute pave diamonds settled around them.

The fashion statement

In point of fact, the marquise cut diamond does not hold a set standard on how a diamond should be crafted. It is really up to the personal choice and the shape & size of the diamond. Marquise cut diamonds are generally sold off as the center diamonds basically used for the beautiful engagement rings and the stunning wedding bands. Due to its exclusive shape it generally requires to be the center of attraction.

Adding more to the outlined deliberations, there are a few other essential factors that are required to be considered when we talk about choosing a diamond engagement ring, marquise cut diamond stud earrings or some other piece of diamond jewelry. The buyer can get all the required details regarding the selection of diamonds for their engagement diamond ring and the design factors to consider on the internet while buying the jewellery online.

Diamond’s shape

A woman with a petite hand might choose to go for some round or the princess shape diamond. On the other hand, a woman with long and slender hands might possibly choose to go with a marquise, pear or some oval shaped diamond without making it cover a large area of her finger to give the appearance of being elegant. The setting or design for a piece of diamond also plays an important role in enhancing the appearance of the diamond on a woman’s hand. A weightier and over intricate setting, for example, would not look elegant on a small hand. Some particular settings also add up to the beauty of a specific shape of diamond.


The per carat price of a Marquise cut diamond is almost at all times less in comparison to the value for a diamond with Round Brilliant cut of the same quality. The next benefit is that the loose Marquise diamonds appear to be huge and include a polished surface, with no surface depths or polishing lines noticeable.

The Marquise is a slim, outstanding cut that is considered to be just the perfect one for rings and stud earrings. The extended shape compliments the finger and also highlights its carat weight with its royal looking drawn-out structure and tapered points at both the ends. Marquise cut diamonds can also be used as shoulder stones for a major center stone, or in a cluster around a larger diamond.

The Finish

At the time of selecting a Marquise cut diamond, it is extremely essential to check the complete clarity and color of the diamond. Because of the shape of Marquise cut diamond, the colour as well as the clarity of diamond usually gets more superficial. Marquise cut diamond stud earrings can appear to be better in comparison to a Round one in jewellery pieces like as drop earrings and pendants

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