Some of the details in this ‪wedding are inspiring. It was an enjoyable event. Thank you the ‪couple and the families for their hospitality and helping out all the way for ‪photography and videography session. It was the short love story competition letting us know Julia and Lewis’ love story.

On 30/11/2013, we received this entry:

‘Here are my some of our most memorable moments. I’m sorry if its long but I could go on and on as our relationship has been very eventful.

Lewis and I have been together for 7 years now but we met 10 years ago during my freshers week at university. On one of my first nights out at the university bar I ended up slapping a guy because he grabbed my bum as I was ordering a drink. I had been told my my older brothers and cousins that I had to defend myself against these British men, so that they would respect me. I am Brazilian and this was my first week away from home. At the time I had no idea who I had slapped, it was just some guy, but after Lewis and I did get together 3 years later he was once telling me about how he had only ever been slapped by a girl once and you can imagine my surprise when he described what happened and we realized it was me!

So it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. In fact, we knew of each other for 3 years before even considering getting together. I remember saying a few times how he was the absolute last person I would ever hook up with. He was the captain of the rugby team and had a terrible reputation (only one night stands) and I was the chairperson of RAG (the charity fundraising society) and referred to by his friends as ‘the girl with morals’. Not one person believed we would ever last over a week.

But somehow we realized that we are perfect for each other and fell in love very quickly. Four months after our first kiss, Lewis got a job in El Salvador as a geologist and that was the beginning of our 5 1/2 year long distance relationship. During that time I lived in England and Brazil and he lived in El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Amazon, Zambia, Australia, USA and… I lost count.

Against all odds, it worked (with many visa issues and tears) and 2 years ago we finally found a way that we could live together in the same country and we both moved to Australia on working holiday visas. It has been amazing and definitely made all the effort worthwhile! Two months ago we were doing a 5 day hike on an uninhabited island (carrying all our food and gear) and one morning when we reached the top of an amazing waterfall with stunning views, I set the tripod up to take a picture of us and when I turned around Lewis was down on one knee with a ring! He was so nervous that the box was upside down which to me added to the sweetness of the moment and I’m so happy we have the exact moment captured.’

The story inspires us to stay tough and to be true to one another even there are difficulties. We felt that these difficulties only made their love stronger, but not obstacles. We picked them winner and enjoyed being part of their wedding, witnessed the ceremony on 18/7/2015.

Love story competition is now open again until 20/12/2015. Submit your story and you will have a chance to win amazing prizes with our photography and videography services.

Thank you!