Recently, we had the pleasure of providing engagement photography and videography services for a warm and friendly Welsh couple in the enchanting setting of Cerrigceinwen, Anglesey, Wales. Despite the windy and cold day, the love in the air created a warm and inviting atmosphere, making the experience truly special.

With a decade of experience in engagement and wedding services, we embarked on a unique adventure during this particular shoot – our first engagement photo and video session on a family cow farm. The picturesque scenes unfolded against the backdrop of cows and their calves in the cozy cow barn, setting the stage for a truly different and exciting experience.

The groom-to-be took the time to share intricate details about their daily work on the farm, revealing a deep passion for their business. His enthusiasm added an extra layer of authenticity to the shoot, making it all the more special.

Throughout the session, we found ourselves surrounded by the wonderful creatures of the farm, with cows and their little ones ‘talking’ to us in their unique language through curious moo sounds. Despite the unfamiliar setting, our love for animals made the shoot thoroughly enjoyable, especially with the animals’ excited eyes following our every move in the field.

Beyond the cow barn, our lens extended to capture shots of the couple’s endearing newborn baby and their two energetic little dogs. The entire family, including the delightful animals, became active participants in creating memorable moments.

As the day unfolded, our feet may have gotten a bit dirty, but the resulting photo and video footage made every moment worthwhile. The unique experience captured the essence of love amidst a farm setting, and we are now eagerly anticipating the next chapter – capturing the couple’s wedding photos and videos at St Mary’s Church, Llanfairpwll, Anglesey, and Henblas Country Park, Bodorgan on New Year’s Eve. The prospect of a wonderful celebration fills us with enthusiasm.

This engagement shoot was more than a photography and videography session; it was a journey into the heart of a family farm, filled with passion, love, and the delightful presence of farm animals. We’re grateful for the opportunity and look forward to creating more memories as we celebrate the couple’s union on their special day. Stay tuned for the magic to unfold!

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable adventure. If you would like to come with us to the next adventure, contact us.