Every girl in this world would agree that wedding night is not just an ordinary night – it marks a beginning of your new life as a married woman, so it is not surprising that lots of ladies go crazy when searching for perfect lingerie specifically for that occasion. If you are one of them, too – welcome to the club!

Here are some tips on how to choose appropriate underwear for that important night, so check them out and find something for yourself!

Invest in High-Quality Lingerie

Having in mind that this is a one-in-a-lifetime special occasion that is extremely important for all the new wives out there, you should definitely go for high-quality lingerie. Of course, this may require more money that you would like to spend, but trust us – it will be worth all the cost.
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When it comes to colour, white is considered to be the most appropriate one, since it symbolises a successful beginning, which is what you want at that moment of your life. As for fabrics, lace and satin are among the most wanted ones for a good reason – you will look smokin’ hot in them! These are probably the best choice ever for newly-wed ladies.

Provocative Details

You will spice up your wedding night in the best possible way by choosing lingerie with some extra details that will get your man drooling over your sexy curves. Just imagine white Brazilian style knickers made of the finest lace, with a silk bow at the back. Your hubby will be completely smitten with them as soon as you turn around, and they are definitely the most amazing wow factor.

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Besides those magical bows, you can choose other eye-catching details such as tiny ruffles, pearls, marvellous embroidery, and even feathers. Just make sure not to overdo it – too much of everything can look cheap and often very tacky.

50 Shades of Grey? Why Not!

If you are a fan of the 50 Shades movie, you can definitely consider some bondage style lingerie that will keep up with its theme. Of course, you can make minor adjustments, particularly when it comes to colour – choosing white instead of black.

50 Shades of Grey Collage

If you would like to take your wedding night to the completely new level, you should consider pasties, corsets, bridal cuffs, and many more. Guys love this kind of fun, and surprising your darling with such an unforgettable performance will sweep him off his feet, for sure!

Think about Your Body Shape

When choosing perfect women’s lingerie for your wedding night, the most important thing is that you pick it wisely – according to your body shape. Brands like Leonisa have amazing pieces that will accentuate your curves in the best possible way. Some girls will choose corset, whereas some other ladies will take classic bra and briefs accompanied with garter belt and sexy thigh high stockings. That will certainly emphasise perfectly shaped long legs – of course, don’t forget to slip into high heels. These will improve your posture and lengthen your legs even more, which is always a good idea.

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When choosing perfect underwear for your wedding night it is essential that you feel confident in it, as well as that it fits perfectly to your body shape. Everything else, such as its price, is less important – after all, it will be taken off in just a few minutes, right? If you feel great in it, you will look great, too!

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