Last year New Year Eve couple travel shoot featured on Weddingwire! This German couple is legend. They are now working and living in the US. The lady said having photo shoots is better than buying souvenir! She thinks the photos worth more than any expensive handbag as they record the love story and experiences they share!

Wherever they go, they employ local photographers to take travel photos for them. Why not taking photos with their own smart phones? Selfie would be enough? ‘No, not for us, we want quality photos which last for a lifetime. No matter when we look at them, they look new and not dated. As a former model, I’m not a stranger using websites like ModelMayhem to find photographers who may be happy to shoot for us for free, but we found that a lot of their photos look more like hobbyists’ works, so recently, we decided to employ professionals.’

During the shoot, we brought them to see different places in London, including back streets, secret locations where people may not notice, including locations where Harry Potter was filmed, because the lady is a Harry Potter fan! Thanks to the walking tours we filmed before, we have learnt a lot from them!

Although this article is not about their experience, it is a good read. Here, we wish all our newlyweds Merry Christmas and have a great year ahead! We cannot wait to celebrate your first year anniversary with you too! For grooms, printed photos would be a good gift for your Paper Anniversary.

Special thanks to: Weddingwire–c27991