An overwhelming wish to get creative when your own wedding is concerned can sometimes move you further away from your perfect wedding style. Thanks to so many wonderful wedding pictures and inspirational posts, one couldn’t help but feel like incorporating everything in one day. Still, if you don’t want to waste time on deciding how to manage using all the ideas someone else has previously thought of, leave these pictures and posts aside and take a good look at yourself and your surroundings. These are the true factors that should help you determine your perfect style.

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Check your fashion style

Fairy-tale weddings are really trendy and you can’t help but be amazed over those nymph-like dresses. On the other hand, the bride in one of the pictures looks positively gorgeous in a quirky wedding mini dress, chunky heels and bright red lip. But stop obsessing over others. Before you start looking for inspiration elsewhere, look in your own wardrobe. What style do you prefer? The types of outfits and shoes you wear will tell you more about your perfect wedding gown than all the wedding pictures of the world. If your style is soft and romantic, than vintage-inspired gown may really be for you. On the other hand, if you tend to go for classy and elegant pieces, this is the right way to pick a wedding dress as well. Choose everything by yourself, and let your own taste serve you as the best inspiration possible.

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Take a good look at your home

Copying other people’s wedding décor won’t fill you with happiness you would expect from your wedding day. Someone else’s idea of perfect doesn’t have to necessarily match yours, even if it looks breathtaking. Remember, both flowers and Christmas lights are beautiful, but they’re two completely different things. Therefore, your preferred home décor can put you on a good track in choosing the adequate wedding hall décor as well. Of course, talk to your fiancée as well. There are definitely a lot of passions that you two equally share, which can find their own place at your wedding. For example, careful talk and analysis of what both you and your spouse expect to make your wedding day wonderful is a good way to find your perfectly unique wedding theme. Only when you have a good idea of what you want, you can make an effort to seek some additional inspiration elsewhere that focuses on your specific wishes.

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Pick a wedding venue that matches your theme

Booking a wedding venue might be one of the most serious and demanding tasks when it comes to wedding preparations. Therefore, you have to know exactly what you want before you embark on your search for a perfect venue. If your ideal day involves an outdoor reception at sunset, beach wedding in Sydney may be the best option, while those who definitely want something more elegant can pick and choose between many indoor venues depending on their size and location. Of course, if you and your future spouse wish for something more unique and interesting, unconventional wedding places are just as available if you make sure to ask for all the necessary permissions and organize everything in time.  It’s important that wedding venue of your choice is something that works for your own dream wedding and not something that only looked cool once observing strangers’ pictures.

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Of course, no one says that you shouldn’t rely on the help of blogs and magazines to get a better idea of what can make your wedding even better. But save this endeavor for finishing touches only. Be your own wedding advisor and planner when it comes to the main theme, splendor, décor and the like, to ensure a personal and intimate wedding of your dreams.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and passionate romantic simply in love with weddings. In her free time she enjoys reading about latest wedding and fashion trends.