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It is very hard for any bride-to-be to make any choices, because they want everything to be perfect. Once you find the right wedding dress, the next task is to pick matching shoes and decide what makeup and hairstyle you’re going to have. Although many brides leave the choice of makeup for the very end, it’s actually a mistake, because it can influence and often dictate the rest of your unique bridal style.

This year’s runways, as usual, brought us not only fashion, but makeup trends too. So, before you start thinking about buns or loose curls, and are you going to wear a veil or some other hair-accessory, check out some of the latest bridal makeup trends and find the one that suits your style and personality the best.

Gentle and innocent

A “no-makeup” look is one of this year’s favourites. It’s a good choice for a wedding, because it will accent your natural beauty, it isn’t too difficult to pull off and doesn’t require a lot of corrections during the special day.


If you opt for this look, keep in mind that the perfect skincare is crucial, if you want to look flawless. You should clean, exfoliate and moisturise your face regularly with proven and quality cosmetics, like the ones from skincare collection. Note that a proper skincare is the base for any makeup look.

Make a fresh and glowing look with a light foundation that will cover up your potential flaws, a bit of blush, neutral shaded eye shadow and a lip-gloss or a lipstick in some neutral nude colour.

Romantic in rose

This look is similar to the previous, natural one, but instead of nude shades, this one accents pink hues. The base is similar; nourished skin is a default, but you should pay even more attention to your lips, by scrubbing and moisturising them daily with a quality SPF lip balm, if you want them to be healthy, rich and smooth for the big day.

For creating a luminous and romantic look, use a matte, soft rose coloured lipstick (a shade that complements your skin tone) and add a bit of matching shiny gloss over it for a fresh and youthful touch. For dewy cheeks use a pearly highlighter and apply it on your cheek bones, below your eyebrows and at the corners of your eyes. Apply subtle eye makeup in similar colours and a winged eyeliner for a chic look.

Hollywood glamour

If you want to look glamorous and astonishing, like divas from the Hollywood’s golden age, then this is the right choice for your bridal makeup style. It’s a classic, so it will go well with almost any wedding dress you pick, lift up your look and give you an irresistible and feminine touch. This timeless style was famous for the cat-eye makeup and bright red lipstick.


However, this year, we saw this style combined with various shades of red lipstick, from brighter to deeper hues. Ombre style became very popular, too, which – until now – was not such a usual bridal look. Apply black eyeliner by following the natural shape of your eyelids and finish the look with matte foundation and a touch of light blusher.

Snow White

For modern, bolder brides, a stark white look may be the right choice. It emphasises the eyes with white eyeliner and white mascara, but you can also opt for a similar combination of silver liner applied on the top and bottom lash line.


Highlight your features properly and use a shimmery eye shadow to set the base, and a shiny pink or lilac lip-gloss to complement the rest of the makeup.

A misty look

For a mysterious bridal look go with the smokey eye, but not the usual one. The latest smokey eye makeup trends skip the expected black and use some other colours, like brown, blue, purple, fuchsia, etc., instead. The shades depend solely on your preferences and the rest of the wedding style.

For more natural look, pick a brown eye shadow and liner, but if you’re bold enough, feel free to use electric blue, which will blend with the matching lighter shades. Use a bit of silver eye shadow to accent the corners of your eyes and create dramatic and deep look. Keep the rest of your makeup on the low, with slightly brushed cheekbones and a neutral lipstick which won’t attract too much attention.

A wedding dress and a makeup style you choose will define the type of bride you want to be, so choose wisely. It should be the look you will feel the most comfortable with, that will express your personality and give a unique touch to your wedding day. Once you decide what will it be, you’ll see that everything will set up much easier, because you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for, and which shoes and accessories will help you communicate your style the best.