You’ve chosen the photographer, ordered the flowers, designed the cake, and you have The Dress, but what about your bridal party? You can’t forget about their gifts while you deal with all the hullabaloo. The secret to choosing an unforgettable bridal party gift is to pick out an item that has meaning. Ideally, your bridesmaids should be able to use—or wear—their gift again and again. It should be special because this is, after all, the most special occasion of your life. The women in your bridal party are your ride-or-die friends and loved ones. They worked hard to help you plan your dream wedding. They hosted parties, organised the reception, and weathered your bridezilla moments. They deserve a memento that means something.

A Personalized Shirt for the Bridal Party

Put in the time to design personalised shirts with a shared message. It could be something as simple as the date of the wedding along with the location. You could have the shirts individually monogrammed with the initials of each bridesmaid. Wedding-centric messages are also fun. You could wear a shirt that singles you out as the bride-to-be while your squad sports tops that highlight the bridal party. Pick out colors that go with your theme, or choose shades that your friends will love.

The Key to Your Heart

Prefer a simple, understated gift instead? Stick with the idea of a personalised gift. That extra detail means the world to the recipients. You can opt for a small but high-quality item, such as an engraved or monogrammed keychain. That’s something the maid of honor and bridesmaids can use every day. Even better, each time they start up their cars or unlock their front doors, they’ll think of you and remember your wedding, as well as all the get-togethers, parties, and memories that led up to it. How sweet is that?

The Jewels of Your Life

Jewelry is a great go-to gift for your girls. It’s hard to go wrong with it, and picking the perfect piece of jewellery for each of your gals can be a lot of fun! There’s no need to buy something expensive. Work out a budget that you’re comfortable with, then consider the members of your bridal party. Think about the jewelry they wear and what they like.

Consider a pair of earrings or a bracelet that matches your colour scheme. You can go with something that complements the overall theme of the wedding, as well. From elegant strands of pearls to tasteful pendants, necklaces are on-point, particularly if the bridal party can wear them in the wedding. Modern friendship bracelets will have everyone shedding a tear, but a simple pair of stud earrings will work, too.

A Little Lingerie Bag

Dressing up for a wedding involves all sorts of fancy lingerie. Why not give your bridesmaids a genuine lingerie bag? It might seem like a frou-frou gift at first, but lingerie bags are ideal for washing delicate items. They make it easy to wash everyday bras and panties without damaging them, as well. Going a step further, they allow you to neatly store your unmentionables in the drawer. Some of them even come with a sweet-smelling sachet.

Matching Makeup

An eyeshadow palette, a new shade of lipstick, a manicure kit with complementary colours—makeup is a can’t-miss gift. In fact, this type of gift can benefit the wedding. For example, purple is a signature wedding colour. Give your bridal party a selection of nail polish or eyeshadow in purple hues. Create cohesion and symmetry among the makeup looks for the big day.

Hair Care for the Crew

Put together a hair care gift basket. It will come in handy the day of the wedding. Everyone will need to fix their ‘do at some point. They’ll have all the tools they need thanks to you. Don’t forget to include hair elastics or fun scrunches. That way, your girls can tie back their hair before they jump out on the dance floor and cut a rug.

At the end of the day, as long as you choose thoughtful gifts for your wedding party, then you’re golden. Always consider the personalities of your bridesmaids, your relationship to each one, and your budget. The amount of money you spend doesn’t matter. The sentiment does.

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