We have just posted a picture on our Facebook page last week, showing couples floating in ‘sky temple’ in an engagement photo. From different meetings with this couples, we realised that they are fun-loving couples who love animation and comics.

Thing really amazed us is they were challenging us to think creatively for their photo shoot. They did quite a lot research in photographic effects. One of them is levitation photography, which we have never done before. We have scheduled the shoot in mid-April in Battersea Park. There is a pagoda which suits the outfits they bought. We had not use foothold, rope or any type of support, which means the couples had to jump around quite a lot of times in order to achieve the best result.

The top left picture is the original one. We enhanced its colour in Lightroom (middle picture). At last, we used Photoshop to add the clouds with cloud brushes which we downloaded online.

Here is the camera setting:

– Aperture: F.8 (To make the subjects clear. When the subjects are moving, it is essential to set aperture with higher number, so that it is easier to get the focus right.)

– ISO: 100 (It was pretty sunny that day.)

– Shutter Speed: 1/2500 second (So that there is no blurry effect when freezing their motion.)The camera setting is simple, the most difficult part is the synchronous jump which looks effortless and relax.

Camera is just a tool to materialise fantacy, idea is the most important element to stimulate affiliative emotion. If you have any idea, we are more than happy to listen and plan the shoot with you. Feel free to drop us a few lines if you have any comment or question about above information. We are happy to answer any question about camera technique as well.