So many details to plan out, and so many different people to please! A spotless wedding needs an expert hand here and there, and catering is no different, but you can give it your personal touch by working with your caterers to keep the menus friendly for a broad spectrum of appetites, your own included.

Your Guide to Perfect Wedding Catering

Months after your special day, your guest will remember the taste of your unique wedding cake, the buffet and the service itself – hence it deserves all the more attention in the planning process. Before you bring out your inner foodie, create your own trusty must-do list to ensure that every aspect of your food planning is signed, sealed and delivered precisely the way you wish them to be!

The logistics

Perhaps the most painful part of the process, but the sooner you handle it, you can move on to the fun part of picking your menu! First of all, keep your RSVPs in order, as you will be able to keep track of the number of guests, as well as their preferences – maybe some of them suffer from allergies, or their lifestyle requires a different menu, such as a vegan or vegetarian option.

The logistics

Then come the band and the planning and serving staff, all of whom you need to factor in for a meal as well. Kids can sometimes be tricky, so bear in mind that fancy meals might not be as appealing to them, while you should also create a preferred timeline of each meal, in case you go the traditional sitting-down style.

Your mood choice

While we’re on the subject, apart from the beautiful meal at the table or a rich buffet, there is a wide variety of options you can choose from in case your dream wedding (and your venue) require a different plan. For instance, urban settings can inspire a more eclectic approach such bowl food menus with miniature versions of your stylish meals from which your guests can choose on the spot.

Your mood choice 01

Afternoon tea is yet another avant-garde approach for the modern bride and groom who like to add some flair to their special day and perhaps are even on a tight budget. It’s a breakfast option where you serve versatile finger sandwiches, baked goodies ranging from scones to cupcakes and of course, coffee, tea and soft drinks for every palate.

Your mood choice 02

Pick your service

Finally, once you have your final number of guests, their preferences noted down and your own dream menu in mind, you can start searching for the perfect pro team to handle the service. For instance, if you want to go all out for a divine event, then Cellar Society will make you as happy as Beyoncé, while an intimate, but luxurious wedding can go for a specialized service by Sugar and Spice.

Pick your service

Don’t just focus on the menus when searching for the ideal caterer for your wedding, or hen and bachelor party, because a superb catering service should also contribute to your dream atmosphere with impeccable food presentation and a wide spectrum of available menu choices.

What about the bar?

A wine list, or an open bar? A liquor menu or just a trusty beer/wine duet? Depending on your budget, the chosen style, and your guests, your beverage menu goes hand in hand with your meals, and it deserves an equal amount of attention to further enhance your guests’ enjoyment.

What about the bar_

You can consider a flat fee, or pay on a consumption basis, which means you will only pay for the amount that was actually consumed. But by all means, avoid the cash bar option, as you should treat your guests precisely as that – your guests. Timing your wedding differently can help lower alcohol consumption, so morning and mid-afternoon weddings are your best bet in case this is a sensitive issue for you and your future spouse.

They say that once you pick the dress, it’s all downhill from there, but the truth is it takes plenty of proper planning to deliver a day of seamless service and joy both you and your guests will remember with a smile.