If you’re like many couples, the people who came, contributed and celebrated with you helped make your wedding day unforgettable. That’s exactly why honouring their involvement with personalized thank you cards is important. Writing thank you notes is more than a time-honoured tradition after a wedding. It’s also the perfect way to communicate how much you value the support of family members and friends. It means a lot to people that you took the time to handwrite a personalized message expressing your gratitude.

Are you newly married and looking for a way to honour the guests and participants who helped make your day special? Consider the following secrets to writing thank you cards that truly make people feel appreciated:


  1. Send the notes promptly. Generally, when it comes to thank you notes, the sooner the better. No one expects you to write acknowledgements on your honeymoon, but aim to send thank you cards within three months of your wedding day. Mailing cards in a timely manner communicates a more genuine sense of appreciation — one that you couldn’t wait to send. At the same time, if three months already passed, it’s not too late to say thanks! A belated note is always better than none.
  2. Acknowledge the contribution and/or gift. Rather than a one-size-fits-all thank you card sent to friends and family, personalize your notes. Greet each recipient by name, and mention the gift or service he or she provided. For example, thank your bridesmaid for the way she helped with days of setup or an acquaintance for a set of towels.
  3. Elaborate on why you appreciated it. People not only like to read that you valued their gifts, but they also like to know why. Even a small elaboration goes a long way. Tell your aunt Linda how the picture frame she gave you will work perfectly on your fireplace mantel. Mention to your co-worker that you and your new spouse love using the gifted French press each morning. Noting something you liked about a present re-emphasizes your thanks.
  4. Compliment the giver. Nothing adds meaning quite like a personal connection — and what better way to make a connection than with a sincere compliment? After acknowledging the giver’s contribution and why you liked it, think about a way to point to what that says about the person. You might mention his or her excellent taste or thoughtfulness. Maybe you acknowledge how that friend has always been great at finding special gifts. Whatever the case, meaningful praise affirms and makes the giver feel special.

In today’s increasingly digital society, don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you card. Everyone likes being appreciated! As people receive your notes, they’re sure to feel your gratefulness on a deep level. Use your thank you notes as a way to extend the joy of your wedding day by spreading love to all the people who made it possible.