“Many people spend more time planning the wedding than they do planning the marriage” -Unknown

So in approximately twenty-four hours, you are set to tie the knot. You have everything prepared from the manicure and pedicure session you had earlier that afternoon down to the most minute details of your designated contacts for the ceremony. Months ahead you have meticulously prepared every wedding detail there is and even scoured the city for the best catering services in Pasig. It seems like from here, you have everything covered. So, what is it that you exactly need to do the day before the big one? Well, this article has collected a series of items that you should never neglect doing prior to the day of saying your “I do’s”.

1.) Check in with your vendors

It would be a disaster if one of your wedding vendors decides to flake at the last minute. For this reason, a day before your wedding day, you would need to make the necessary confirmation arrangements with the people you have hired for a particular job. Apart from that, make sure they all have the exact directions in getting to your reception venue or the church. Last definitely not the least, make sure they know who to contact and that person’s cell phone number should anything be amiss or should they be lost on their way.

2.) Create tip envelopes

If you plan on tipping anyone who renders you service on your big day such as the wait staff or the DJ, instead of bringing wads and stacks of cash, place them in envelopes instead. Designate each envelope with their name and insert the appropriate amount within. This is much safer than just bringing a big stack of bills which you could potentially lose.

3.)  Drop your luggage early

Most newlywed couples would stay at a hotel right after their wedding reception. If this is what you have in mind, it would be wise to bring your bags and drop them in the hotel the day before or have a friend or family member drop them off the morning of the wedding. This would save you all the hassle from having to go home and pack and just go straight to the hotel after your reception party instead.

4.) Pack for your honeymoon early

If you have packed for your honeymoon early, there are less chances of you leaving anything important behind. It would also mean that you have everything you want to bring to your destination stowed in your bag. If you have already adequately packed, let the night before your wedding day serve as the night you check if you have packed everything which includes drugstore medicines and other necessities such as passports and other important documents.

5.) Pack a big-day emergency kit

On your big day, no matter how sufficiently prepared you are, there are things that might inevitably go wrong. When worse comes to worst, it is important to be ready for it. On your wedding day, you should have a big-day emergency kit which should include all basic essentials such as extra bobby-pins, hairspray, face powder, traction pads, panty hoses, stain removers, other makeup essentials and the like. These items will serve as your buffer should anything happen to the originals or should any of your wedding entourage encounter a snag throughout the day. Pack these the night of your wedding and pray that you would never have to need them on your big day.

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