London has some of the best wedding reception venues available in Europe. Here are seven venues that are inspirational environments for your special day. Each of these venues offer something a little different, something a little magical that will produce stunning photos and memories for you and the guests.

London Kew Gardens

  • Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a royal, botanical attraction that is enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year. Their gardens are unique and a real joy to explore through every season. Kew Gardens offers several potential venues for your wedding reception, including the absolutely stunning Princess of Wales conservatory. You will be enhanced by gorgeous colours and backdrops for your wedding photos. You may also encourage the guests to look for free roaming Chinese Water Dragons that enjoy jumping from plant to plant. While the reptiles are very shy, they are strikingly beautiful and guarantee to make your wedding reception extra special.

You’ll also be supporting the good work Kew Gardens does, including their scientific research.

Kensington Gardens

  • Kensington Palace

Always dreamt of a fairytale wedding? Why not have your wedding reception at a palace? Build in 1704, Queen Anne had her eye on the palace, intending to grow her orange trees at the grounds. However, Kensington Palace became a highly popular venue for lavish festivals and occasions and continues to be a popular treat to wedding couples today. The palace interior is stunning with antique furniture and decorations entwining with a subtle modern charm. This venue will certainly make the couple and the guests feel like royalty.

London Globe

  • The Globe

Everyone knows about The Globe, the famous landmark for all things Shakespearean and theatrical. The Globe is known to cater exceptionally to wedding couples, with carefully designed packages and the ability to seat up to 450 guest. The venue also sources many of their seasonal ingredients locally, which means if you have a passion for good food and a dramatic venue, The Globe is a good bet.

London Barbican

  • The Barbican

Only in London will you find such a classy venue such as the Barbican. Gain access to a stunning conservatory full of beautiful and exotic plants, rare birds and beautiful fish. No matter the weather outside, you’ll be covered with the glass roof, so you can enjoy your wedding reception at the Barbican no matter the season. The venue is perfect for a nature loving couple.

Gherkin London

  • The Gherkin

The Gherkin is a peculiar modern building in London that tends to generate a love/hate relationship with the public. If you find the glass tower to be a charming site on the city line, then you are in luck – They host wedding receptions throughout the year. Not many couples can pin point to a building in the far distance and proudly declare that it is where they hosted their wedding reception. You’ll also enjoy a breath-taking 360 degree view of London as you dine with the guests, which can only make your wedding reception even more memorable.

London Zoo Tropical Aqua Exhibit

  • London Zoo

London Zoo offers a surprisingly classy wedding reception in a choice between two beautiful suites, which include a grade II listed building, or the opportunity to monkey around by the animal houses themselves. From adorable penguins to deadly Komodo Dragons, London Zoo offers a very flexible package for you. You can also have a live animal encounter which is bound to be a memorable and fun event, especially for the younger ones. What makes this venue choice even more tempting is that all profits from the wedding goes directly to helping critically endangered animals. So you and your guests will have fun (and have great wedding photos!) while doing some good, too.

  • Natural History Museum

Every Londoner has surely visited the Natural History Museum at least once. The building seems to have an endless space of rooms and galleries that are a feast for the eyes for the young and the old. There are several interactive exhibits that detail history and the developments of science. For a wedding reception venue, the Natural History Museum offers an array of opportunities. Do you prefer a more classical venue? Consider The Waterhouse Building, a beautiful set of galleries displaying nature in its most intriguing light. Do you prefer something modern or bold? Consider the Darwin Centre and the unique Whale Hall, where guests can appreciate a life scale model of a blue while before a cosy dinner and drinks.

Palace London

No matter where you book your wedding reception be sure to book a London hotel in advance to save disappointment and money.

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