We have attended the white wedding of this Indian bride and Portuguese groom in Oaksfarm, Croydon. Oaksfarm looks like a place outside London with a barn looking ceremony room. It did not take us long to travel from studio to this lovely venue. Highly recommend to visit if you are in London and want a relax barn / farm wedding.

Back to the wedding story, let’s beginning with the engagement party in their house in South London. Not a lot of couple still host engagement parties, seems we saw more the bridal shower/ hen-do and stag-do instead. It depends on where the grooms and brides came from. We served in engagement parties for African and Asian couples more. As a mix cultural couple, they have threw a small gathering for close friends and family members. We can see that family is very important to the couple.

The bride came from event industry, so it was not a shock to receive a shot list. 1 out of 10 couples of ours use shot list. We have our shot list if couples want to use them, we can send one for them to select the shots they want, but normally, we shoot everything. There are pros and cons about having shot list. Photographers and videographers would tend to focus more on the list, but put less attention to other parts of the wedding. Probably, it would be wise to have a list of ‘can’t miss moments/ items’ instead, so the photographers and videographers would still have space to be creative but at the same time knowing what is important to the couples.

The event unfolded nicely and we did have some very nice shots of the couple. We are very pleased with the result. The Pianist and DJ were just great as well, bringing this intimate wedding to the next level.

To watch their wedding videos and access to more photos, keep an eye on our Facebook page, vimeo page and website. Thank you!