This is one of our weddings we have done during coronavirus pandemic. We have provided wedding photography and videography service to these lovely, energetic young couple in Southend Wedding Hall, East Ham, London. Every love story is different, including theirs. Love and friendship always over come fear. We saw their friends and family get involved and being very helpful throughout the day.

This is our first wedding in Spanish, but that’s not the first time the couples we served preferred to use their own naive languages. A really enjoyable day. The pouring rain came right after the couple shoot finished in the park. And since this weekend, banquet is permitted in England. So luckily they could enjoy the day. Their wedding was originally scheduled in April. It is still a wonderful day, no matter how things threw at us. (We were wet from head to toe. Well, not the first time too.) Still remember the day filming their surprise proposal (I didn’t know there would be a proposal). When he proposed, he didn’t just give the ring, but give a tiara, because she is like a princess to him. 

This lovely couple was planning to hold their church wedding ceremony in South Kensington HTB Holy Trinity Brompton church but because of restrictions they had to change the venue address and done all their religious ceremony in Southend Wedding Hall venue with their close guests and relatives. We love their intimate wedding! After the ceremony, we went to Central Park not far from the hall for taking couple portraits as well as some intimate shots for the video film. Their love shines thought the photos and video clips, so pretty and romantic. We wish them a happy married life ever after.

To be able to assist the couples affected by Covid-19 Pandemic is our pleasure. Feel free to drop us a message if we can help you record your wedding or elopement.