We all love a bit of a magic, especially at a wedding. The fantasy genre is growing in popularity in all aspects of life, from books, to films, to weddings! Decorated tiaras, alternative wearing gowns and unique wedding vows can be present for those who enjoy a little touch of pixie dust or elvish lore. But how does one create a fantasy themed wedding that will be remembered for generations? By using this ultimate guide, of course!

First step: Begin your research.

It’s no use having a ‘Red Wedding’ theme for your fantasy wedding if you’re inspired by fantasy series such as Game of Thrones.  Spoiler warning: It won’t send the right message to your guests. Whether you are a fantasy genre expert or new to the world of all things geek, alternative and magical, be sure to know where your inspiration has come from and what the inspiration is actually about.

This is the perfect excuse to binge through your favourite fantasy films or television series, all in the name of research. Take a good look of what the characters are wearing. What are the sleeves like in the dresses? What kind of colours do they wear? What accessories do they have? Also consider how these characters store their belongings. It’s no good having a great outfit planned for ring bearer only for the ring bearer to have no pockets or satchel!

While researching do take a good note on what’s going on in the background too. What kind of banners or logos are in the background that could inspire you? What kind of setting would you like to replicate or take inspiration from in your wedding? What is possible to create on your budget? Which comes to the second step.

Step 2: Create a Budget

Being realistic doesn’t have to create a boring wedding! But knowing exactly what you can and can’t afford will mean that you can choose to purchase your resources carefully and avoid wasting money on items you don’t need. Create a realistic budget for your wedding that will include the entirety of the cost, from the venue, to the wedding invitations, to the dress and suit.

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Step 3: Declare your theme

This is the step where your research will have paid off. Declare what your wedding is going to be about and prepare your family and friends. Is your wedding going to be themed around Tolkein’s Middle Earth? Perhaps you are inspired by JK Rowling’s magical ideas? Whatever the fantasy inspired theme, it can take some family members a while to adjust that your wedding will be a little different to the usual affair. They may need some time to appreciate this and find their own costume. With most alternative weddings it is very important to give everyone a great deal of notice.

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Step 4: Choose your venue

The next step to all about location, location, location. Once you have your theme you can already have a good understanding of what kind of venue would be most suitable. For example, a church or cathedral might not be suitable for a pirate themed wedding but could be wonderful for a dark fantasy theme with gothic inspiration, or alternatively a wedding that involves elves, light and splendid white dresses. Be sure to visit as many venues as you can in person and consider how you can add props to the venues to convert it into the perfect fantasy setting.

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Step 5: Choosing the dress/suit/costume

More than likely, a fantasy themed wedding will require an extensive amount of time and effort to find the perfect dress, suit or costume. You may need to order specific items online or require them to be handmade. It is absolutely essential that you have this prepared long before the date is set for your wedding to avoid any disasters. This is especially important if you are planning to order something online.

By this step you should already have a good idea on what you would like to wear yourself. Consider going directly to a seamstress or seamster and bring along photos of the item you’d like to wear. It doesn’t always have to be at a great expense either. A good seamstress or seamster would be happy to edit an item of clothing for you or add to it, so it would fit the fantasy theme. You may find excellent results through the method. If you are on a budget consider searching online for voucher codes to save money on clothes and accessory shopping.

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Step 6: Choosing the hair

If you’re keen on a fantasy themed wedding, you need to make sure your hair fits the bill. It’s no good wearing the most splendid dress if your hair resembles rock and roll or the eighties. (Unless your fantasy theme is based on these things, then you’ve aced it!)

Grab your notes from your research and take a look at what the main characters have for their hair. Pick our your favourite and book an appointment with a hair stylist who can help give you advice on what would look good for you. Do note that if you are planning an outdoor venue, your hairstyle might need to be a little different than a wedding at an indoor venue. You can also ask your hair stylists about what accessories you could use for your hair. You can find beautiful flowers, beads or adornments that would make a great centre piece for your fantasy wedding. There are many custom made items that are available in independent shops or online stores. You may wish to roam through etsy shops that sell stunning flower headbands, elven tiaras and medieval accessories.

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Step 7: More accessories

With the great amount of accessories anyone can look right at home in a fantasy themed wedding. Consider what you’d like your accessories to be like and how they may go together. Perhaps you’d like a masquerade with beautiful and elaborate masks to wear? Or instead maybe bracelets and necklaces with feathers and natural looking stones to symbol the great outdoors? If there are any particular animals that inspire your theme, be sure to search for them on the Internet, as you may find just what you are looking for.

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Step 8: The Food

What food would suit your fantasy themed wedding? If you’re taking inspiration from Winterfell perhaps you could consider having a hog roast and serving mead? Or if you are having an Alice In Wonderland theme wedding you could have scones with cream and jam and have tea in beautiful saucers. Consider what kind of food will be fun yet satisfying for you and your guests, and don’t forget about dietary requirements too! There’s nothing worse for a celiac to arrive to a wedding only to find that everything is made with wheat.

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Step 9: Arrival

Do cars exist in your fantasy world? No? Then don’t arrive in one! Enjoy living in your fantasy theme for the entire day and pick a vehicle of your choice that will make sense. Whether it’s a horse and carriage, a modified car or a ship, have fun and arrive in style. Be sure to book in advance to save money and secure your vehicle, as they are unusual modes of transport they can become fully booked quickly, especially during the summer months.

Step 10: The Music

Music can make a good wedding great. Consider what kind of music will work well for your fantasy themed wedding. Would it be worth hiring a harpist to play gently in the background or a small string quartet? Perhaps something more wild like a percussion group would really help set the tone of your wedding. Consider searching online for music albums that fit your wedding which you may play during the reception.

Final Step: The Special Touch

Finally, consider how you would like your wedding to stand out. Perhaps you would like to create your own fantasy logo? Just like in fantasy where there are fantasy flags, crests, and houses, you could create your own fantasy logo to suit your wedding! You can use this logo in banners and in your wedding invitations. Considering hiring a specialist who knows about the fantasy genre.

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Don’t forget to arrange special fantasy decorations for your venue and to give out wedding invitations that suit your theme. Wedding invitations could be written on parchment, bark or having a decorated envelope, just like the one in Harry Potter.

Another way to make your wedding stand out is by considering your entertainment. Entertainment always benefits a wedding.  For an extra magical day, don’t forget to consider hiring entertainers or creating fun games to play.

Ultimately, planning a fantasy wedding can be a lot of good fun and bring a lot of joy. With good organisation and thinking ahead your fantasy wedding will become one to remember.

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