Whether you forgot the Valentine’s Day, anniversary, procrastinated on your Christmas shopping because of fear of the crowds, or just simply didn’t have the time to shop, grabbing the perfect gift for someone special in the last minute can be a stressful endeavour. However the adventage of online shopping has really helped us last minute shoppers out, with amazing gifts, perfect for anyone, available at the sweep of a mouse and the click of a button. But what are the best choices for last minute gifts? And what kinds of offerings are available online to suit your valentine to make the day special? Here we take a closer look at the top 5 last minute gift ideas for any much closed and special upcoming event like Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, etc.

Gift Cards
Gift Cards
A gift card makes the ideal present for the person who has everything, or for someone who you’re still getting acquainted with and are unsure of their specific preferences. Gift cards are popular because they are fast, easy to buy and flexible, allowing for you to spend as much or as little as you want on the gift. You can get your recipient a gift card for an online outlet such as iTunes or Amazon or for a range of stores that they can visit in person to choose their perfect gift. Instant online delivery through email means this is really a true last minute gift, one that you can purchase even on the day of the event. With a huge range of options and products to choose from you will find a gift card that’s perfect for your special someone and saves you a heap of time and effort.

Flower gift

Receiving a beautiful bunch on flowers is a classically captivating and wonderful gift. A surprise bouquet of flowers on the doorstep is always beautiful to receive, and with online flower delivery this is a great last minute gift that can be very special and uniquely tailored to your special someone. Whether it’s a light, bright and fun bouquet of colourful gerberas or a romantic box of deep red long stem roses, carefully chosen flowers can complement the receiver’s unique personality and convey a heartfelt message of love. Some online flower delivery networks can deliver your chosen bouquet of flowers to a huge variety of destinations internationally within 24 hours, making flower delivery a versatile and speedy last minute gift choice.


A hamper is a specially formulated gift box containing any chosen selection of gifts for your recipient. A hamper can include wine, cakes, preserved foods, cheese, fruit, and often other dried food stuffs like crackers and biscuits. Hampers can make the perfect last minute gift for families, especially around occasions like Christmas, as they often feature a range of festive treats that everyone in the family will love, from wine and fruit cake for mum and dad, to candies and fruits for the kids. Hampers are an easy gift that can be ordered online ahead of time, or at the last minute, with a huge selection of hampers with a range of themes and products to suit everyone. Department stores and large online retailers often stock a variety of hampers and major stores in each country internationally will generally stock them if you need a gift to be received overseas.


In this day and age most of us really do have more than we could ever need. The perfect gift for the friend with a social conscience who doesn’t need any more clutter in their life is a donation in their name to a charity or fund. International charities provide opportunities to donate to disaster relief funds, refugees, impoverished families, orphans and animal welfare, so there are plenty of areas to show compassion and pay it forward. The simple and pure happiness of giving to help someone in need really is a perfect gift, and with online donations to a huge variety of funds, the opportunity is always at your fingertips. With the acknowledgment of the donation gift occurring instantly, this is a gift you can give really up to the very last minute!

Fashion and Jewellery
Fashion and Jewellery

Online fashion retailers really have gone above and beyond in the last few years to provide an amazing range of fashion clothing, accessories and jewellery available online with very quick and inexpensive delivery. Whether you want unique, handmade, bespoke pieces from emerging designers, or internationally known fashion brands, it’s now all available online with everything from shoes, to bags, to hats, clothes and jewellery to choose from. Just find out your gift receiver’s size and the sky’s the limit for your perfect last minute gift!


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