The trend of having an appropriate and striking hairdo is not a modern thing. The history notes that even the Old Egyptians cared greatly about the looks of their hair. For them it was a way to showcase the difference in age, wealth and social status with versatile long-bobs and clean shaven heads with a side “lock of youth”.

In the Eastern world, the most recognisable hairstyles have to be Buddha’s curly man bun and elaborate updos typical for the Chinese and Japanese culture. African and American tribes have also contributed to the diversity of hairdo trends today, giving us a well-known Mohawk and African braids.

Lastly, the Western world had experimented with a multitude of elegant and simple variations of their own, most of them we still see on women, especially on their wedding day. Here are some of our picks for the classic bridal hairdos.


Although the older generations have sported a demurrer and unadorned bun types, girls and women today are enjoying the multitude of less conservative bun variations. Another reason buns are still favoured is their ability to adapt to all kinds of hair, from completely straight to super frizzy.

The great thing about buns is that they don’t need to be positioned high up on the head, but they can linger rather low and adjust to medium or shorter hair. The sleek and smooth bun types are often paired with sophisticated, princess-like wedding gowns, while messy buns with braids or locks are best-suited for playful lacy patterns and unique designs.

Bun Collage

When it comes to accessories, tiaras and gems are reserved for the simple buns, while the complex types should have inconspicuous accessories or none at all, as the hairstyle itself steals the show. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it can last through the entire ceremony and reception.

Actress Audrey Hepburn wore one of the most copied style of bun and unsurprisingly, since that regal updo with a tiara made her look absolutely gorgeous and classy.

Semi Up do

Summer time is the perfect season to pay homage to the looks of Greek muses and divinities, and go for a romantic semi updo. The half up-half down hairstyle is a great compromise for the ladies that don’t want any hair in their face but still want to boast about its luscious quality by letting it fall at the back. Ladies can decide to pull just a bit of their hair up, opting for knot and braids or go big with bouffants of all sizes.

Semi updo Collage

Brides-to-be can single-handedly fix some of the simpler variations of this hairstyle by means of a good curler and thermal glove for easier manoeuver. Accessories wise, modest and uncomplicated pieces are the best choice, like tiny gem studs or bejewelled hair combs. If they decide to have no hair adornments, the brides can play with other accent items, such as chandelier earrings or extravagant necklaces.

Let-down Simplicity

Some women don’t want the stress of having to spend infinite hours in the dressing room for their special day. Such free spirits often choose to let their hair down with minimal adjustments. For straight and silky hair, ladies don’t need much skill to wield a handy ghd hair straightener that can produce striking results in a jiffy. A few streaks of hair can be braided to form a crown or a band, and voila, the hairdo is done!

Let-down simplicity Collage

The use of natural or faux flower garlands with the wavy let-down hair, a hippy trend revived by the singer Lana Del Rey, is a well-loved choice for the young brides around the globe. This hairdo is both rebellious and feminine.

The best advice for the brides is to be themselves and feel comfortable with the hairstyle they have picked. Our three suggestions are a sure-fire selection for brides all over the world.