Love is all around us as long as you know where to look!

In this world, there are so few things that will makes us as happy, glowing and stimulated as love will; and, what’s beautiful about it is that we are not limited to expressing that love only through kisses, hugs and genuine things we do for the person we love. We can also express it through small but wonderful gestures like buying gifts for our special people whether they are a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, our gorgeous nana, our parents, you name it! Buying a gift for someone you love is a wonderful act in itself, but seeing a smile on the person’s face upon receiving that gift is indeed priceless!

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While we adore buying gifts to one another with no reason whatsoever, there are a few dates everyone remembers to remember their significant other on. One of those dates is surely Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is an ideal opportunity to invest additional effort, attention and plan ahead the perfect surprise for your loved one. Often, the very act of preparing a surprise for someone is much more worthy than a non-personal gift you’ve invested minimum time and effort in. How about thinking outside the box this time around? A picnic in the countryside, a river cruise, and a candle light dinner in a forest hut – may indeed be moments to remember.

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Girls often want to look beautiful and desirable on this day, even more so than usually; this is why they devote a lot of time to styling, and choosing outfits for this love-able occasion. Usually, they choose something in red or they accessorise their outfit with red details, as red is a symbol of love (the heart, Cupid’s arrows, etc.). If this celebration of Valentine’s day is going to take place in nature, wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea that our clothes pay tribute to nature, too? Fortunately, nowadays many fashion houses have turned to eco-fashion since they use natural resources sustainably.

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Here are some gift ideas for your significant other for this wonderful holiday (hint: we won’t suggest any of the outrageous gifts celebrities would pull off):

  1. A photo album

…but not just any photo album! Have photos of you two together developed (at least those you both look happy and good in) and put them in a photo album embellished with cute little hearts or any other symbols significant to both of you. Write a little memo under the photo, such as “I will always remember how happy we were that day” or “I loved how you made all our friends happy at that party”, etc. Make it personal and it’s going to be the best gift ever!

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  1. A piece of clothing

Buy something you know your significant other has been eyeing for some time now and write a cute card, too. If your significant other is big on eco fashion just as you are, you may buy them something eco that would put a huge smile on their face!

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  1. Tango!

Well, not literally (or even literally if tango is your thing) – we meant more like signing you both for a course you’d both enjoy, such as cooking classes, yoga lessons, dancing lessons, the gym, whatever it is you’ve been talking about lately. That way you will be starting something you both like on this lovely, happy holiday! And the tango part? Well, they do say that it “takes two to tango”.

  1. A love ring

This doesn’t have to be an engagement ring, of course. It is merely a symbol of the love you have for each other, of friendship, commitment, respect. This, or any other piece of jewelry will definitely make your bae happy!

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We hope we were helpful and that you’ll have a wonderful time on this lovely day. Cherish your loved one and remember that, without love, we really are nothing.