If a retro wedding is exactly what you want for your big day, but you’re not quite sure how to plan it properly, you’re at the right place! Mastering the art of vintage is not as difficult as it seems – stay with us and do it like a pro with the help of three useful tips. 1

Choose an era

From the ’20s to ’70s, each era has some specific details that make it unique and authentic. While the 20’s Flapper style is associated with fabulous Hollywood parties, inspiring jazz music, and bobbed hair, the ’30s were significantly different – that boyish look was gone by 1933, and women turned to more fitted styles. On the other hand, the ’60s dresses were so perfectly feminine – just think of old-school style icon Audrey Hepburn. Hippie was the thing in the ’70s, bursting with extravagance and free-spirited designs.

So, the first thing you have to do is to pick a style that suits your personal taste in the best possible way, since it will be a solid base for your other wedding plans and ideas.


Opt for a professional wedding photographer

The type of photography you choose for your wedding can also contribute to an overall vintage vibe. This is exactly why you need to find an experienced photographer who’ll listen to all your wishes and make them happen.

The main characteristics of vintage photography can also be classified according to particular eras. Very bright and colorful advertising designs as well as happy family portraits were typical of the ’50s. On the other hand, blurry and pastel photos were the most popular during the ’70s – together with a lot of sunlight. Just let your photographer know that you would like to recreate particular scenarios, and you’re halfway there!


Vintage bride’s gown and groom’s suit

A bride’s gown, as anything else, should be inspired by a particular period chosen at the beginning since every single detail should be in correspondence with the theme. Birdcage veils, knee-length full skirts, and small, lovely bouquets are what characterized the ’50s, so make sure that you incorporate all these elements into your bridal look. As for the groom, his suit should be inspired by the young businessman’s look of that era – charcoal, dark blue, and dark brown are among the most wanted colors, and these will certainly add a touch of flamboyance to his appearance.

The last thing to look for is a perfect car that perfectly matches the vintage theme. There’s been a recent rise of vintage themed weddings on Australian wedding market, so forecasters think that it will undoubtedly make your special day even more wonderful. A luxury wedding car in Sydney, inspired by retro vehicles, is a must to many young Aussie couple who are planning to have a perfect vintage theme!


As you can see, mastering the art of vintage doesn’t have to be as difficult as you probably thought. The first thing you should do is pick the era you would like to recreate by following the outlines and main characteristics typical of such a period. A professional photographer is another essential, since he or she is a person who knows best how to make amazing photos and add a vintage vibe to your shoot. Last but not least – a bride’s dress and a groom’s suit, which are more than important at such a special day. Just stick to our tips and you’ll do fine!