Lockdown has been slowly lifted in different countries, but there are still a number of limitation when conducting events and weddings. A lot of couples have to break their big days into two or a few celebrations. It is common in cultural weddings and for couples’ whose family members based in different countries. Here, we would like to provide some tips for the grooms and brides who are planning to get married soon, right after lockdown lifted.


In the past, people see wearing wedding dress twice as an unlucky sign. Well, in our opinion, you do not have to break this tradition. You can wear wedding dress during pre-wedding shoot and / or wedding ceremony, and wear an evening gown for other celebration activities. Our advice is – consider the venue choice. Is it an outdoor venue? A church? A hotel banqueting hall? A marquee? A restaurant? A pub? A castle?


As mentioned in other posts, we can make album books and videos before banquets, so that you can show your guests what has happened on your ceremony day. We are here to help. Whatever thoughts you have, feel free to tell us, happy to discuss further.

We think there is a trend to have smaller team serving weddings due to the number of guests limit. We are small team and have various measures to protect ourselves as well as our clients and their guests. Contact us to find out more.


We understand you would like to decorate your weddings as beautiful as possible. Flowers would still be the first choice for couples when decorating venues, however, if you want to have the same theme and look for your ceremony and banquet, you may want to use artificial flowers, ribbons, etc which could be recycled. Be aware of regulations and keep them clean when possible.

Perhaps this is the most beautiful way (yet easy to keep clean and transport) to decorate the venue – using lights. It could be fairy light, candles put inside beautiful shades and glass candle holders. Light represents hope, we think it is very suitable for weddings held in this period of time.


We start seeing vendors producing new type of favours – hand sanitiser and face masks. Whatever your choice is for favours, we suggest that you do not put your wedding date on. Imagine, touch wood, for some reasons, you need to postpone your dates.


We would suggest you to prepare your own brushes and cosmetics if you still worried about hygiene issue and sharing brushes may raise the chance of cross contamination and spread of virus. We believe all the hair and makeup artists are already taking the safety measures and ready to serve. For us, we would sanitise all the brushes and tools each time we finish a set of hair and makeup. Before carrying out the service, we would wear face cover and sanitise our hands.

Give us a call or simply email usto discuss any idea you have. We would love to make your dreams come true!