Hatfield House, England

Some of our clients have postponed their weddings and there are some new bookings start coming in for later this year (2020) and next year (2021). No matter when the wedding dates will be, we hope everyone safe and healthy. Due to limitation for number of guests, a lot of couples have to break their big days into two or a few celebrations. It is common in cultural weddings and for couples’ whose family members based in different countries. We have came across a lot of multi-days weddings, and here are some tips for the grooms and brides who are planning to get married soon, right after lockdown lifted.


There is a chance you will have various celebrations in different countries if the guests you really want to invite cannot travel. If you are having destination weddings, be aware of the lockdown lifting dates. Suggest your guests who do not feel well to stay home and join your virtual weddings.

We strongly advice you to buy travel insurance and wedding insurance, in case any delay and unforeseeable re-lockdown which will affect your wedding happened.

Consult your venues about their policy in emergency. There is possibility to close wedding venues for clean-up if Covid patients are found in previous events. Because of this reason, outdoor weddings is becoming a trend.


We foresee that food station and food trucks (for outdoor weddings) would be popular when un-manned buffets look a bit dangerous. You can treat your guests with different world cuisines! And perhaps we can have them for the whole event, so the guests can enjoy the food while getting involved in different parts of the event.

Another form of banquet which will available would be sit-down banquet. Speak to your caterer and see what they will do to ensure the guests and staff safety.

For food choice, we suggest having hot food instead of cold dishes. Virus (and other bacteria) cannot survive the cooking process.

Your caterer may want to provide food-safe grade wipes for guests to sanitise their tableware. They may also pack their tableware in sets for the guests to open the packages themselves.

The challenges would be about table planning. You will have to think about social distancing. In some places, there are regulations about the number of guests who can be placed around same table. A table for 10 or 12 will only fit 8 guests.

Give us a call or simply email us to discuss any idea you have. We would love to make your dreams come true!