Another year on the horizon means a new collection of wedding trends to get excited! While you’ll want to stick to many of the classic traditions that come with getting hitched, some of these wedding trends will make your special day unique and different from any other nuptial of the season. From dresses to flowers, food, and decor, here is a taste of what is in store for a new season of weddings.

Trends this season will leave you dizzy with a retro-romantic feel, mixed with unexpected modern spins on old-time favourites!

  1. Purple Everything

Purple is 100% the colour of wedding season! Bridesmaids dresses, hibiscus flowers, and even table decor are coming out in fabulous shades of purple – whatever shade you pick, be sure to incorporate it into quirky and unexpected ways.

We are seeing a lot of purples from violet to periwinkle. This trend is prevalent in lighting options throughout the space with designs and in floral.

  1. Incorporating Nature

The rustic and vintage wedding trends that have dominated the market over the last couple years will be in decline this season. The idea of bringing the outdoors IN with lots of tailored greenery will replace the use of flowers in centrepieces. It is your time to shine tree-huggers! Bring on shrubbery, trees, and ivy-covered awnings, perhaps fishbowl centrepieces will even make an appearance. Maybe not.

  1. Drones

Wedding videos are taking to the sky as sources predict that the most significant videography trench of the season will be the drone. With a drone, it is easy to get sweeping landscape snapshots and different footage at dynamic angles that are sure to make for a memorable day.

  1. Short Engagements

This might just be riskiest wedding trend of all that is only for the bravest and wildest couples out there. This tend was a year in the making as celebrating and public figures everywhere have been getting hitched within months of knowing each other. The result:  wedding season all about short engagements and then on to happily-ever-afters!

  1. Naked Cake

The ‘naked cake’ trend definitely started to gain momentum at the tail-end of the wedding season. Now, these deconstructed, mouthwateringly beautiful cakes are literally taking the cake. Fresh berries work well for a summertime wedding, while seasonal fruits, like apples, pears, persimmons or blood oranges, are ideal in winter and fall. Your baker will know what’s best and when. The best thing about a naked cake is that it’s a feast for the eyes and the appetite — especially for a rustic or more low-key celebration, although that’s definitely not to say you can’t dress it up!

  1. Unplugged Ceremonies

Wedding trends are asking guests to put their smart-phone away or, better yet, to leave them at home. An increasing number of couples are seeking to host technology-free ceremonies focused on real-time experience, free of flashes, selfies and poor quality altar-shots, which coincidentally could also be some kind of drinking game. The only exception is a hired photographer who is more than willing to capture every moment, emotion, and phone-less guest.

  1. Food Stations

The traditional buffet style or upscale catered wedding are things of the past. This year it is all about hiring your favourite street-food trucks to feed your hungry guests. One of the biggest things right now is people incorporating fun foods in every aspect of the wedding — food trucks, for example. Maybe it’ll be a couple’s favourite ice cream truck.

Common Parties To Have Before And After Your Wedding

Weddings will party harder than never before. Old favourites accounted for and some fun new trends added to the mix, here are all the parties you are going to want to consider hosting this wedding season.

Engagement Party

Some couples have opted for having an engagement party in the past, but, they are a staple. Traditionally hosted by either the parents of the groom or bride, this party should take place within a short time-frame from the engagement of the couple. This season is all about closed, intimate, engagement parties with only a few attendees dedicated to celebrating love.

Couples Shower

One word is needed to describe this seasons trend of couples showers, and it is equality. Hosted closer to the wedding date, this new spin on an old favourite celebrates a couple’s journey of making a home and life together.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Of course, the infamous, shenanigan-filled bachelor and bachelorette party will be present! Hosted by the bridesmaids and groomsmen, this party always occurs within weeks of the wedding as a way to celebrate the end of an era.

Welcome Party

This one is strictly for couples having destination weddings or weddings that will last multiple days — yes, it’s a thing now to host weekend-long weddings at cabins, campgrounds, wedding banquet halls or wherever else you want to go! Hosted by the couple, the welcome party kicks off festivities — either as a cocktail party, wine-tasting or appetizer tasting shindig — and is a great way to welcome your guests into the lavish celebrations you have planned.


As previously stated, weddings are all about the party! However, many venues close too early for night-owls who wish to continue wedding festivities into the early morning hours. It has become fashionable to hit the clubs or a post-reception space after the main venue has closed. Although this is more popular among younger crowds, feel free to party no matter your age!

Day-After Brunch

A Millennial wedding would not be complete without including some brunch-like meal involved in a marriage. It is mandatory this season to seal-the-deal over a mimosa alongside close family and friends. A post-wedding brunch is a perfect chance for the newly-weds to say goodbye and farewell as they head off on their honeymoon.

We hope this information will serve you well as you move toward your big day. No matter which trends you choose to take or leave at the altar, you have the power to make your day special and uniquely you!