There have been many talks and discussions about matching wedding looks, whether it is for the bride and groom, bridesmaids or guests. With rising need to show off individuality not so many matching looks can be seen nowadays and those that can be seen usually involve a theme that is related to an important subject for bride and groom, such as TV shows, love of certain places and eras, music, and so on.

It seems that a lot of people like the idea of matching looks for their wedding but they are simply too concerned with the possibility to go overboard and become an example of a kitsch, wouldn’t you agree?

Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom Collage

Matching look for a bride and groom does not have to look funny and be taken completely literally. For example, if nature is the main theme that newlyweds want to incorporate in their big day, it is enough for a bride to pick a flowy dress that is easy to move around in and for a groom to find a nice flax suit for the nature-inspired relaxing look to be achieved. Moreover, a groom can always wear a flower that matches flowers of the bride’s wedding dress in his lapel. This also goes for handkerchiefs, cuff links and ties. As you can see, the perfect matchy look can be done with smart but simple use of details that everyone will love and notice.


Bridesmaids dresses have been a burning topic for long and a lot of people agree that these matching dresses are not very flattering. Therefore, the importance of bridesmaids’ uniformity has ceased. Still, if you want your wedding guests to recognise your bridesmaids easily, talk and spend time with your bridesmaids-to-be and try to pick dresses that would suit them perfectly. This way, you can keep the same form of the dresses but spice things up with different colors.

On the other hand, if there is no way that one dress cut flatters the body shape of every one of your bridesmaids, trying to force this would be a big no-no. Instead, find different dresses that will suit them but stick to one neutral color so that they can add a shawl or a brooch that would keep the matching look obvious to other guests.

Matching Shoes

If you really want to have a thematic wedding but do not wish to match your whole look with it, the answer can be very easy. Why not match your shoes? Believe it or not, you can find the most interesting and amazing shoes that would go perfectly well with any topic that is dear to your heart. Sea world, fairy tales, unicorns, vintage and medieval times and many more detailed shoes can find their place on your feet and allow you to embrace your liking during the wedding without going overboard.
Matching Shoes

Flower Girls and Bride

Beautiful little flower girls resemble brides with their stunning dresses and accessories and therefore it is very easy to achieve a matching look in this situation. The best thing about this is the fact that everyone will find this cute and adorable. Therefore, flower girl dresses can be made to match the bride’s gown but that is not all. These pretty girls can resemble the bride from head to toe, including head pieces and even shoes, especially if the bride does not wish to wear high heels. Still, even with high heels, it is possible to achieve matching look with the use of same colors, straps and other details.

Flower girls and bride

Some people still enjoy going full blast with matching outfits and theme for everyone, some consider this trend outdated while some love to play with details to achieve tasteful uniformity. What is your opinion and how would you try to incorporate matching looks in your wedding?