Wedding day is the most important day in the life of every couple, but they have to take care of so many things, which often makes planning very stressful. However, choosing a wedding cake is something everyone loves. Cake is the centre piece of the ceremony, and it should represent newly-weds’ personal taste, creativity, and perception of aesthetics. Here are some great ideas for making a statement with gorgeous wedding cakes.

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Naked Wedding Cakes

More and more couples nowadays choose the versatility of taste over the extravagant look of their wedding cake, which is why they often choose naked cakes. These are extremely delicious, and what is more important, very versatile. Skipping fondant or butter cream is definitely a good way to go, and this new trend definitely adds a twist to the traditional patisserie. It leaves many other options when it comes to decoration, since you can add anything you want – herbs, delicious fruits, and even freshly picked flowers.

Naked Wedding Cakes

Upside-Down Cakes

Clever engineering is the secret – such a cake definitely requires much more than just a regular set of skills needed for making cakes. Of course, transportation is the trickiest part, since these are hanging from the bottom, so someone has to hold the cake the entire time. These are usually available in three, four or five tears, and what is even more fantastic – they can easily be dismantled for cutting.

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Wedding Cakes Inspired by Art Movements

You can never go wrong with a wedding cake inspired by your favourite art movement, especially if the whole wedding ceremony is designed in the same manner. For example, pop art period is very inspirational to art-loving couples, and especially Wayne Thiebaud’s “Cakes”. You can have visually identical cakes to match the original, which will contribute to the success of your theme. On the other hand, if you are more into something classic, such as French post-impressionism. Paul Cezanne’s “The Basket of Apples” can be faithfully represented with meringue that echoes original work’s draped fabrics. Such a cake can be finished with marzipan fruits for a sophisticated look.

Wedding Cakes Inspired by Art Movements

Cheese Wedding Cakes

We are not talking about sweet cheesecakes here – but about tiering cheese instead of cakes. This is an amazing option for budget-savvy couples who like to serve their cake with pickles and crackers. This is actually quite useful, because such a cake pretty much kills two birds with one stone – it is a great counterpart for its sweeter version, being the eye-catching centre piece, plus the fact that it will actually feed all the hungry guests. It is the fantastic solution for vintage or rustic wedding themes.

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Miniature Cakes – Cupcakes

Even though many brides love “the bigger the better” in terms of their wedding cake, the truth is that miniature cakes can give that wow effect everyone is hoping for. These, too, can be very elaborate and detailed, and there are many ways to create a breathtaking presentation.  What is even greater about them is the fact that guests won’t have to stay in line and wait for the waiters to cut them a slice of the wedding cake. Instead, they will be able to head straight to the table and take one of those without any fuss.

Miniature Cakes – Cupcakes Collage

These wedding cake ideas are really inspirational, and we truly believe that everyone can find something that suits their personal taste and needs. The perfect cake is a great opportunity to present a confectionery delight that all guests will love, so make sure that it is fabulous both on the inside and on the outside.