We all know that it is a tough difficult time since the world stands still, quite a lot of countries are in lockdown. It affects our lives, economy, businesses, relationship, psychology and communities. For now, we would like to get you all away from this. Let’s imagine things slowly getting back to normal, imagine governments allow weddings to be held again.

This is an interview with the man behind the video camera – Edward. 

Q. You have seen and filmed a lot of weddings. In your opinion why we normally think of the bride when we talk about weddings?

A. Weddings, Women, we have been told weddings are one of the most important events in a woman’s life. They have started to imagine the dream weddings since they were young.

Traditionally, young ladies are leaving their original families to join their husbands to form new ones. It is difficult for both brides and their families.

But for grooms, it is equally important as it means new  responsibility – to take care the brides and their little angels.

Q. What kind of things grooms looking forward to in weddings?

A. From my observation, grooms see it is an event to spend time with groomsmen, best friends and relatives from afar and of course, enjoy the drinks.

Q. What is going through a groom’s mind on the day?

A. Well, first of all, wake up on time, have some food, and see if there is any guest need directions, so on. The getting ready process would not be as long as the bride’s one, but the groom still wants to look good. To tame the nerves, a glass of drink would help.

A few shots of getting ready would be great: wearing watches, combing hair, spray cologne, wearing jackets and shoes, tidy up cuff links. Then the important scene would be waiting his bride next to the registration desk or altar.

Before getting into the venue, I like to interview the grooms sometimes, to ask how they feel. 9 out of 10, they all expressed they felt nervous (with a smile on the face and probably shaking hands).

The most emotional time is seeing their brides come to them and they turn around to see their brides for the first time. In lots of video clips we filmed, we can kind of feel how they feel when we see tears coming down from their eyes. Some of them think, ‘Wow, she looks different.’, some may think, ‘the makeup has totally transformed you.’ or ‘thank God I have this pretty girl for life!’

Then, the next big task is ‘SPEECH’! (except signing the legal papers, and non-stop taking photos with friends, family and the bride.)

Most of the grooms prepare their speeches before hand. They need to thank the guests for coming, thank the brides’ parents for the beautiful brides, thank everyone who helped in the weddings and most important, praise the brides!

After cake cutting, first dance, the grooms can finally really have fun and party on with unlimited drinks. Quite a lot of times, we see grooms and their groomsmen got tipsy, but we all very happy for them, of course!

Feel free to take a look at our other blog posts and Facebook page to see how we work with our lovely couples and the grooms. Keep calm, get married and have fun!