In the captivating Norfolk region, with the serene beauty of love’s celebration, we had the privilege of coordinating what turned out to be our most satisfying wedding endeavour last year. The entire process was elevated by the collaboration with an outstanding team of wedding planners, and the camaraderie with fellow vendors added a touch of magic to the occasion.

An intriguing aspect that captured our attention was the unique choice of a Vegan wedding. The thought lingered, sparking contemplation about a potential switch to a vegan lifestyle – a pondering journey with an uncertain destination but a profound sense of necessity.

The fulfillment derived from this particular wedding extended beyond capturing moments; it was an opportunity to employ our honed planning skills, cultivated through our corporate event background, in navigating the realm of a demanding groom who is extremely organised. We shared light-hearted banter during the reveal session, with the groom openly acknowledging his role in orchestrating many elements of the celebration.

What set this wedding apart was a meticulous approach – crafting a detailed timeline and mood board in the form of a spreadsheet, coupled with regular monthly catch-ups with the clients. A seamless collaboration with the event team played a pivotal role in curating a special experience for the couple, the guests, and ourselves as vendors. In a noteworthy first, we bestowed a 5-star review upon the planning team, a testament to their invaluable contributions.

Special appreciation extends to the groom for orchestrating the rundown with the planner and ensuring our envisioned plans seamlessly unfolded. With adequate time at our disposal, every element fell into place precisely as planned.

The question of whether we are a controlling ‘director’ lingers, yet our intent remains unwavering – to provide the utmost service excellence. Candid shots are indispensable in telling a story that feels natural, and I appreciate their unique charm. Recognising the diversity among clients, we embark on a personalised journey, delving into their preferred styles and attempting to craft an experiential narrative.

Over the past two years, a subtle shift has occurred, with a heightened focus on creating an immersive experience. The monthly meetings, although seemingly trivial, have proven instrumental in deciphering the essence of our clients. As familiarity breeds comfort, capturing them becomes an organic process, akin to a friend immortalising their cherished moments.

In the grand tapestry of wedding photography, it is the delicate nuances, the monthly symphony of meetings, and the pursuit of what makes each couple shine that contribute to the creation of timeless memories. After all, the essence of a photograph is most authentic when it emanates from a connection that feels as natural as a friend capturing the essence of your soul.

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