Some people say women have the most beautiful figure in their lives when they are pregnant. Do you agree? Would you like to record the amazing journey of waiting your new born? The Snapshot Cafe is happy to take pregnancy (or maternity) photos for you. Wondering what you should wear for the shoot or how to good during pregnancy? The below tips would be useful for you.

In the past, women used to hide their baby bumps and went for the ‘tent’ look thinking that pregnancy and being stylish could not go hand in hand. Today, women pay much more attention to their pregnancy look, mostly under the influence of stars like Blake Lively, Coco Rocha, Jessica Biel and other celebrity moms and moms-to-be, who showed off their growing bellies.

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Even though conformability and quality should always come first and there is the home budget to consider, there are still ways to be a perfectly stylish while expecting. These tips should help you.

Rethink and borrow

Before you waste any money, see what your wardrobe offers that you could wear even in the second and third trimesters. Stretchy and knitted clothes, such as sweaters, T-shirts, and tunics, usually expand enough to cover a growing belly.

Next stop – your husband’s wardrobe. Borrow a button-down shirt from your husband for a casual yet trendy look. Ask a friend who had a baby if she could lend you her clothes, or shop on websites like swap that offer pre-owned maternity clothes at good prices.

Keep it simple

Bright colors and bold prints can make you look big, so stick to dark and solid colors. They are also easier to combine. Opt for basic pieces that reflect your usual style and that you will be able to repurpose after pregnancy.

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You can never go wrong with a classic T-shirt, or a black dress, which is perfect for a dinner at a fancy restaurant or a night on the town with your friends. Empire line maxi dresses will complement your figure and add to your femininity, and they are always in vogue.

Wrap up

Look for all things wrap: wrap dresses, wrap tops and wrap sweaters. Their first advantage is that they provide comfort. They are also adjustable (just loosen the tie as your belly grows), and they accentuate your voluptuous breasts. If you want to be a real sexy mama, look no further than wraps.

Lycra is your friend

Covering yourself up in yards of fabric will give you the ‘tent’ look, while tight-fitting clothes will accentuate your bump in a good way. Choose the clothes made from materials that contain at least some elasticity. Black stretch pants are a classic, or a slim skirt. Especially if you have good legs. Why not show them off? You may be interested in this style.

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Choose slacks wisely

There is no reason to stop wearing jeans in your pregnancy. Nowadays, there are plenty of over-the-bump and under-the-bump pants and jeans with elastic waistbands to choose from. They are ideal for all stages and belly sizes. Boyfriend jeans, flares and other wide leg slacks will make your figure look more balanced, and they go great with tees.

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Comfy underwear

One thing you will definitely need are m aternity bras. When shopping for bras, look for those with wide and firm straps because they need to be able to support your growing breasts. They need to be comfortable and preferably made of cotton. As they grow, your breasts will become more sensitive, so try to find a bra that provides best coverage.

Also remember, the more hooks the more adjustability options. If this is your first pregnancy, do not feel embarrassed to ask the saleslady to help you choose the right cut and size for your breasts type. As far as panties are concerned, they need to be loose. There is no need to give up on your favorite briefs, thongs or hiphuggers, just buy a size or two bigger.

Remember – do not hide behind your clothes in these months. Let your glow shine through.