Everything you need to know when planning a summer wedding

With airy, pastel-coloured wedding dresses, warm temperatures, light evenings and vibrant bridal bouquets, it’s understandable why the summer remains the most popular season for couples to tie the knot. If you are planning a summer wedding then as we race towards the warmer months, no doubt your wedding preparations are in full swing. To give you a helping hand, have a read of the following insight on everything you’ll need to know when planning a summer wedding.


Keeping cool

Whilst you’ll naturally want the weather to be fine and sunny on your summer wedding, too much heat can create a number of problems. To help keep the bride’s makeup from running under the heat, or guests becoming dehydrated, you’ll need to be prepared for the hot weather.

There are a number of ways you can stave off uncomfortable heat at a summer wedding.

Provide shade

Providing shade can be a godsend at an outdoor wedding in the summer. Whether it’s a marquee in the garden or the boughs of a palm tree at a beach wedding, having a shaded spot for the bride and groom and their guests to shelter from the heat can be a vital component of a summer wedding.


Air-conditioning units can be rented out giving you access to cool air in virtually any location and can even be used outdoors.

If having air-conditioning units blighting the wedding vista doesn’t fill you with enthusiasm, you could always opt for other, less obtrusive cooling devices to help cool down the wedding party, such as handheld battery-operated fans.

If the wedding is taking place outdoors, ensure there is plenty of sunscreen at the ready to help avoid any lobster-faced guests suffering at the reception!

Be prepared for rain!

The weather is of course unpredictable, particularly here in Great Britain and a good old downpour could well be on the cards during a summer wedding.

Make sure you’re prepared for such eventualities by having umbrellas at the wedding. If you’re getting married in a field, in a garden or anywhere else that is likely to be muddy, don’t forget to pack your bridal wellies!

Have a late afternoon or early evening ceremony


Having the wedding ceremony during the searing midday heat can be a recipe for disaster in the summer. Instead having the marriage ceremony take place in the late afternoon or even early evening can be an effective way to bypass particularly hot weather.

Furthermore, wedding photos can look fantastic when taken in the reddish tones of the sun beginning to set.

Have a lighter spread

Heavy meals are not conducive with ‘dancing till dawn’ and having bags of energy in the heat. Instead opt for a lighter menu comprising of seasonal delights, including plenty of salad, fresh produce and grilled entrees.

Think about the cake!

By the same token, traditional wedding cake can be heavy and overbearing at a summer wedding and lighter alternatives such as fruit tarts might be more fitting for a wedding during the warmer months. Furthermore, icing has a tendency to melt, so leaving the cake out in the sun should definitely be avoided!

Have plenty of liquids at the ready

Whilst alcohol goes hand in hand with many weddings it is important to remember that alcoholic drinks are dehydrating, which can be particularly problematic in the heat. Make sure there’s plenty of non-alcoholic drinks and iced water at the ready.

In fact iced water served in a pretty jug with slices of citrus fruit can make an elegant feature on a wedding dining table.

Book early

As mentioned earlier, summertime is the most popular time of the year for couples to get married and consequently, to avoid disappointment, you should book everything as early as you can. From the church to the registry office, caterers to the honeymoon hotel, be sure to book the various venues and services early to avoid being left disappointed and being forced to have the wedding in a less popular month.

Send out the invites well in advance

By the same token, people start to plan and book summer holidays earlier and to ensure your nearest and dearest will be able to make the wedding, let them know about it well in advance!

Bridal wear


Last but definitely not least, bridal wear should be considered very carefully at a summer wedding. Brides need to feel comfortable in their choice of wedding dress and opting for a light fabric that breathes is often favourable in the summer.

Shorter wedding dresses are often popular in the summer, as are outfits made from breathable materials such as silk. Though it is important to remember that despite being the summer, the evening can cool up and it might be wise to have a cardigan or bolero at the ready to put round your shoulders to help stave off the goose bumps.