A dream wedding dress, perfect hairstyle, gorgeous make-up, and all that to make you look flawless on
the happiest day of your life. Yes, we’re talking about the big nuptials when everything, including the
most of all your attire, needs to be on point. Searching for your fairy tale wedding dress is the biggest
challenge, and it can be an even bigger nightmare if you don’t have any idea what you want.

If you’re not sure what to wear, or don’t know whether the choice you’ve already made is right, check
some of the suggestions fashion editors recommended that’ll help you make the right decision.

Go with a less traditional attire


A wedding gown will always pop to your mind as the perfect wedding attire, but have you ever thought
about wearing something a bit more urban and nontraditional? Bridal jumpsuits can look just as stunning
on you as any wedding dress. If you opt for a grey jumpsuit with thin straps, sparkling embellishments
and a voluminous train, you can combine comfort with style easily. If you prefer white, going for a
paisley-patterned, bell-bottomed jumpsuit is just the right choice.

A satin ribbon around the waist and a shoulder length veil would make a perfect little wedding ensemble
that give out true 70’s vibe. For a sophisticated look, choose a white sweetheart-necked jumpsuit with a

transparent jacket. A halter crepe jumpsuit featuring a lace trim deep v-neckline with lace back is one of
the best choices for brides who want to combine comfort with elegance.

Suit up

If you’re wondering why you should ditch the good old wedding dress and go for an unorthodox
pantsuit, the answer is simple ‒ whether you’re looking to keep your attire unpretentious with a plain
two-piece, or you’d rather go for something that really stands out, a pantsuit can go either way. What’s
more, you don’t have to go for a standard jacket and pants, but you’ll have the freedom to choose a
tuxedo instead, or even a dress-suit hybrid.

If you match a lace strapless top with wide-legged crepe pants, add a sparkly necklace, and wear your
hair loose (but curl it up), you’ll look just as stunning as in any wedding gown. If you want to go a step
further and look fierce, yet sophisticated and slick, wear a brocade jacket with curved lapel and silk
damask lining. With a pair of slim leg pants, and silk lamé blouse with mandarin collar to match, you’ll
create a jaw-dropping outfit for your wedding day.

Say yes to the dress


For a classic and traditional wedding attire, fashion designers suggest you wear a long sleeved dress
embellished with lace, beautiful beading and buttons. A large veil is just the perfect addition to a classic
ensemble. A sexy, mermaid dress is always a good choice, and if you go with off-the shoulders piece,
you’ll bring your wedding chic to an entirely new level. An A-line gown with an impressive skirt and a
cathedral train with beautiful lace applications may be just what you’re looking for. A top with French
stretch lace and sheer lace details on both the top and the sleeves will make a stunning wedding gown.

There are few more dresses you should not forget – your bridesmaids’ dresses. If you want your
bridesmaids to look stunning, you can find a vast choice of beautiful bridesmaid dresses online, and pick
those that will fit perfectly each one of them. Pale pink dresses are the traditional choice, and if you
want to follow trends you can opt for burgundy or black off-shoulder bridesmaid gowns.

Comfort is crucial

While pursuing the perfect wedding attire is certainly a priority, you must not lose sight of another
important fact — you need to feel comfortable in your dress and your own skin. Therefore, it’s crucial
that your wedding attire fits you well, so that you don’t have to squeeze yourself into too tight shape
wear. Not only will you feel hot due to the additional fabric, but also you won’t be able to eat as much,
and the dancing can be a real nightmare. Forget about the sexy and ever so uncomfortable lingerie, and
wear your regular basic undergarments during the wedding. You’ll want to change into something fresh
and less comfortable for your wedding night anyway, so save yourself the discomfort during the big

When it comes to footwear, you should definitely look for a pair of shoes or sandals that you can walk all
day and eventually dance in. However, even if you buy the most comfortable pair of shoes in the world,
at some point they won’t feel as pleasant on your feet as the moment you started walking, so bring a
spare pair with you to keep your feet pain free.

Picking out the dream wedding gown is never easy, and it can be quite time-consuming. This is especially
true if you don’t know what you want. Therefore, try to think outside the box and consider untraditional
pieces that can make you just as stunning as any wedding dress. Regardless of the bridal jumpsuits,
elegant pantsuits and tuxedos, you’re going to be a gorgeous bride no matter what you wear, as long as
you feel comfortable and beautiful in it.