Your wedding day is a canvas waiting to be painted with the hues of your unique love story. From the windswept cliffs of adventure elopements to the grandeur of castle weddings, the choices are as diverse as your love. Join us on this journey as we help you find the wedding style that resonates with your personalities, budget, and the artistry of your chosen visual storytellers—your photographers and videographers.

1. Adventure Elopement: Where Love Meets the Great Outdoors

Personality Type: Adventurous souls with a love for spontaneity. You love nature a lot, and cannot imagine you marry anywhere else on Earth but the spectacular natural environment.

Budget: Moderate, with potential savings on a smaller guest list. Bear in mind there is a chance you may need to legalise the marriage before (or after) the ‘ceremony’, depending on your country’s regulations. That may cost a little extra on top. A larger trunk of budget would normally spent on this type of wedding would be travel and accommodation, as well as photography and videography.

Photography/Videography Style Match: Candid and adventurous, capturing raw emotions amidst breathtaking landscapes.

2. Intimate Wedding: For Those Cherishing Close Bonds

Personality Type: Couples value deep connections with close friends and family.

Budget: Flexible, allowing for personalised details and meaningful touches.

Photography/Videography Style Match: Emotionally charged storytelling, focusing on intimate moments shared with loved ones.

3. Modern Classic Wedding: Timeless Elegance for Modern Hearts

Personality Type: Sophisticated couples with an eye for contemporary elegance.

Budget: Moderate to High, depending on venue (like hotels and mansions) and décor choices.

Photography/Videography Style Match: Elegant and refined visuals capturing the essence of modern romance.

Wedding Photography Service for British Portuguese Bride and Groom in in Vauxhall and Bromley, South East London

4. Church Wedding: Embracing Tradition with Grace

Personality Type: Traditional and religious couples cherishing timeless rituals.

Budget: Low to Moderate, with potential savings on banquet venues. Some churches have a separate hall for banquet. In general, it is cheaper to hire the same place you have the ceremony in, but bear in mind, a church banquet may mean a shorter allowance of time for the banquet. Check with the church you intend to get married in. If you are party animals, a separate location for the party with late night license for drinks would be ideal.

Photography/Videography Style Match: Reverent and respectful storytelling, emphasising the sanctity of the ceremony.

Wedding Photography Service for British Indian Bride and British Groom in Surrey, England

5. Barn/ Farm/ Pub Wedding: A Casual Laid-back Event

Personality Type: Laid-back couples enjoying a relaxed celebration.

Budget: Moderate, with potential savings on venue and catering costs.

Photography/Videography Style Match: Informal and candid visuals, capturing the joy of a barn, farm or pub celebration.

6. Beach Wedding: Love in the Sun and Sea Breeze

Personality Type: Sun-kissed souls who adore the beach and ocean waves.

Budget: Moderate to High, depending on the chosen beach location.

Photography/Videography Style Match: Light, airy, and romantic visuals showcasing the natural beauty of the beach.

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7. Vineyard Wedding: A Toast to Love Amongst the Vines

Personality Type: Couples with a taste for the finer things, particularly wine and vineyard aesthetics.

Budget: Moderate to High, with potential savings on scenic vineyard venues and travel… And perhaps boxes of produce…

Photography/Videography Style Match: Warm and earthy visuals, highlighting the rustic charm of vineyards.

8. Castle Wedding: Prince and Princess’s Fairy-Tale Affair

Personality Type: Dreamers envision a fairy-tale wedding in a majestic setting.

Budget: High, with potential savings on décor due to the grand venue.

Photography/Videography Style Match: Regal and enchanting visuals capture the grandeur of a castle celebration.

Wedding day group photo and video shoot in London

9. Garden Wedding in Family Home: Blooms of Love in Familiar Surroundings

Personality Type: Romantics seeking a personal touch in the comfort of home.

Budget: Flexible, with potential savings on venue costs.

Photography/Videography Style Match: Whimsical and intimate visuals capturing the essence of love amidst familiar gardens.

Your wedding style is the brushstroke that paints the story of your love. Consider your personalities, budget, and the storytelling style that resonates with your hearts. May your wedding day be a masterpiece, reflecting the magic of your journey together! Once you identify the style of wedding you want, the next step would be planning all the nitty gritty. Do not forget to book the best team to capture your big day with photography and videography. Contact us, we have a grand plan and blueprint on this.