The project lasted for a month. The clients wanted headshot photos for their company website. At the same time, they also wanted some stock photos taken in London. Here are some of the photos:
Took on the roof of 1 New Change with Canon 16-35mm on Canon 5D Mark4. It is a composite with 4 merged photos.
1 Fore Street, Moorgate, London.
Inside 1 Fore Street. Backlit from another side of the building. Love it.
Portrait shot. Hair and Makeup, grooming were provided before the shoot. Canon 50mm on Canon 5D mark 4.
Team group shot. As the people came in different time, we have to do a composite photo. Altogether, we have merged 11 photos into 1 photo. (Total edit time: more than 9 hours for getting the final one)
Signature Millennium Bridge. Again, this is a composite photo. First, we set the focus on St. Paul Cathedral, then the bridge, the sky. Lastly, took lots of long exposure pedestrian photos. Then, we merged the photos into one. (Total edit time: 30 mins)
Originally, it was just a snap in Mayfair. The clients would like to put their logo on the cab and lit the street with their brand colours. The cab was enlarged as well, it is bigger than the one in the original photo. Then, we tried to change the signs of other brands on the street and add the lens flare by editing software. (Total edited time: 6 hours)