We provided a short, non-traditional town hall-style wedding photography and videography service for a lovely and friendly couple at The Brentham Club in Ealing, London. The bride came from the America, was fun and playful, while the groom was born and bred in the UK

This was our second time serving at this wedding venue, and our familiarity with the location ensured a smooth process. The Brentham Club, now utilised for ‘town hall weddings’ due to the closure of Ealing council’s town hall after Covid, proved to be a gem. The original town hall was converted into a vaccination center during the pandemic, and the historical building has not hosted weddings since. Fortunately, The Brentham Club provided an alternative location, complemented by the vast Pitshanger Park just a 10-minute walk away. We used the park for a fun photoshoot with the couple and their guests, involving everyone in the celebration, especially since the bride’s family had traveled from Chicago. There may not be a lot of chances for both families to have fun like this together.

Opting for black attire, the couple embraced the uniqueness of their wedding date – Friday the 13th. Originally planning for a Halloween wedding, they adjusted their date due to other events at the venue.

We encountered another non-traditional bride from the US with turquoise-colored hair during a wedding at Feltham Assembly Hall. She wore a pink wedding dress adorned with golden stars, showcasing a geeky yet easy-going vibe. Couples in this spirit are often guided through a series of actions to ensure they remain true to themselves and have fun during the couple portrait session.

Our approach varies for different types of couples, including the geeky, young families, fun-loving, hopeless romantics, fashionable and stylish, and the traditionals. We cherish each unique story and dream for the future.

We wish them to have a wonderful married life forever!

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