“I did not think it would come.” The bride said. “We have been together 15 years.” It is never too late to get married. All you need is The One and you are sure about it.

It was a happy day, we have witnessed the bride trying to put the ring onto the wrong hand finger without the groom and registrar noticing and also the effort the bride and groom put into this wedding: small hand paint cartoon avatars for every guests, searching for venues (Unfortunately, they needed to cancel the original bookings with venues before. One place had fire damage and they were not too sure about one place’s food.), look for coordinator and toastmaster to make sure everything was on track.

There was a period of time we tried to post different ideas for weddings on social media. We had a post about bridal boudoir before wedding day to test out the style and take some stress off on the wedding day. This bride’s friend liked the post and this bride read it and contacted us directly. “It is a good idea, I want to know more how we can organise it.” It was the first conversation. Ended up, they booked us to be their photographer and videographer. We also went to scout the locations before hand. Sometimes booking a client means being their friends and look after their every needs. After all, most likely that’s their first and last wedding and everybody wants to get it right. We are here to take off some stress for couples as we have served more than a hundred weddings and saw lots of different types of events – with cultural elements, with first look, wedding ceremony during cocktail party, with thousands of people, with just 4 people (groom and bride plus two witnesses). Although we are not wedding planner, we can definitely share experience. Feel free to contact us to have a chat.

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Location: Lensbury Hotel, Kingston Guildhall, Langleys Restaurant & Wine Bar
Toastmaster: Steve Litson