We have provided engagement photography and videography service to a friendly multi-heritage couple in Richmond, London.

This was our third time coming to Richmond in a short period of time for engagement service.

We came to Terrace Garden by the river in Richmond for the photo shoot and video filming. This beautiful greenery has suddenly become our popular engagement shoot location because of the river side view, also a lovely park and garden for the landscape. It is also pretty close to Richmond park and town centre.

It was a cold foggy day in autumn when we met our couple. We have done a short interview in the beginning of the shoot about how their love story started, why they fell in love with each other, and what will be their expectation for the coming wedding and future life together. Their interview flows so well!

We haven’t sent them the questions in advance, but it seems that they know their answer all along. During the two hours shoot, our couple enjoyed the shoot. We can tell they are truly in love because their eyes were sparkling when looking into each other’s eyes.

We look forward to taking their wedding photography and videography this summer.

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