Malaysia is home to every versatile tourist. With a number of pristine beaches, marvelous hiking destinations, diverse wildlife, colonial and modern architecture, along with a rich and sundry culture, Malaysia definitely offers a pinch of beauty to every unique and like-minded wanderlust.

Despite the everyday razzle-dazzle, the country is still one of the few which hasn’t expanded liberation to a full extent. Muslims comprise most of the country’s population at 61.3% and as you know, there are certain traditions that aren’t accepted in this culture. But don’t let that burst your vacation bubble because Malaysia is one of the top honeymoon destinations for couples. Here are 7 things you should do to make the most out of your romantic trip as a couple.

1   Men and Women Should Dress Appropriately

Malaysia is somewhat a conservative country due to Islamic practices. It’s imperative that women cover themselves up from the shoulder down to the knees, and men should do the same by avoiding undershirts and above-the-knee pants.

2   Avoid Public Display of Affection

While this is totally acceptable in western society, couples in Malaysia should hold off on romantic gestures (save it for when you get to the hotel). As a matter of fact, locals feel uneasy in these situations that it’s normal to see warning signs of it in some public places.

3   Know the Unacceptable Body Language

A simple body language or gesture could offend Malaysians and I’m sure that’s the last thing you want to do when visiting in a foreign country. Although handshakes are commonplace in other liberated countries, it’s forbidden between the opposite sexes in Malaysia.

4  Take Off Your Shoes in Homes and Religious Places

While this custom is ubiquitous in most Asian countries, it’s highly prohibited in Malaysia and you could be kicked out if you’re disrespectful of somebody’s abode.

6   Don’t Drink Alcohol Outside of Bars

Forget about painting the town red because drunken, rowdy behavior in Malaysia is extremely forbidden. Also, especially as a couple, make sure you drink in designated bars and restaurants that serve alcohol so you won’t be gaped at when you do otherwise.

7   Try Street Food

Overall, Malaysia is proud of having a delectable cuisine. Trying the local street food can spice up your vacation (sorry..)! It is a must-do! The country has a lot of hawker stations that aren’t only cheap but are as authentic as it can get.