Everybody wants to have the perfect proposal full of surprise, happiness, and of course the perfect ring. It’s a once in a lifetime moment that the person will experience and for both people, they want it to be one of the most memorable moments that they can share forever in their lives. Many men that would normally have ‘nerves of steel’ end up becoming a ‘nervous wreck’ thinking about the outcome of the proposal. There are thoughts about her saying ‘no’ or her ‘not liking the ring that you chose’. So what steps can men take to ensure that their proposal goes of without any hitches?

Have the confidence that she will say yes.

Your partner loves you. And if she has been by your side until now, she will be by your side in the future. She’s probably hinted at sharing a life with you. If she has, there is no way she will say no. So visualise the outcome of the proposal with her saying yes, so you can ask for her hand in marriage with boldness and courage.

Do your research to find her perfect ring.

The perfect proposal needs to be complemented by the perfect engagement ring. You will need to have a sharp eye and ear to learn about the type of ring that would be perfect for her. Does she like rings that are subtle? Or does she prefer to have a ring that shines? Does she like the halo or crusted effect?

To get the answer to these questions, you will need to see any magazines, Pinterest boards or Instagram accounts that she’s connected to so you can get a good idea about the type of ring that she fancies. Even taking her for a walk past the jewellers, you can see what styles she prefers.

Ask her friends and family about her dream proposal.

She has probably dropped hints about her perfect proposal to you, but her friends and family are likely to know exactly what she wants and if she is ready for marriage. Confide in them to see if they can share some insights into your partner’s dream proposal and engagement ring.

Get inspired by others that have proposed in a creative way.

There are several people that have recorded their creative and successful proposals and shared them on blogs or in YouTube videos. You can choose to do it in a public or private setting, subtle or extravagant. Whatever you decide to do, align the proposal towards something that she will enjoy.

Make sure you get down on one knee.

If you want to nail the proposal, you have to get down on one knee. This will confirm that it is real and it is their moment in the spotlight. Every girl dreams of their prince charming serenading them on one knee. This will be the special moment for the both of you to shine.