Asking your significant other for their hand in marriage is one of the most nerve wracking and overwhelming experiences of your life. This is likely due to the fact that you want the moment to be absolutely perfect for both of you. Trying to be romantic, creative and spontaneous all at once can be difficult. Whether you want something simple or more elaborate, there are so many great ideas out there that will make your special moment everything that you could imagine. Take a look at these proposal ideas that you may want to consider when planning to pop the question.

The Place You First Met

Taking your partner to the place where you first met is always a great walk down memory lane that creates a romantic and nostalgic feeling within you both. Remembering all of the great times you have shared together will make asking for their hand so much easier. If this doesn’t seem most appropriate – maybe there is another location you feel has a more symbolic meaning in your relationship. You may even want to make a date night out of the evening, with the last stop being the exact location of where you first encountered your significant other.


Planning a romantic getaway is another perfect time to ask your partner for their hand in marriage. Whether it be on a beach or at the top of a mountain, as long as you are together, there’s no bad time to pop the question. Many couples love to travel together and explore foreign countries.

Looking to propose somewhere exotic? Taking a Caribbean cruise will provide enchanting views and a picturesque landscape that is like no other. Preparing a tropical vacation will require a lot of planning. To ease this process the following are top essentials you will need to check off your list.

  • Make sure you and your significant other have up to date passports.
  • Since you will be in the intense climates it’s crucial that you prepare your skin ahead of time by applying topical skin treatments regularly and packing an SPF. Visit your doctor for vaccinations and other medical advice before visiting any foreign country. Do your research and be knowledgeable about the places you’re visiting.

A Romantic Dinner

Make a reservation at her favorite restaurant, or a very upscale eatery that has a romantic atmosphere. Getting on one knee once you have finished the meal would be the best desert your date could ask for. Or, you could surprise her by slipping the ring into a glass of champagne that is served to the table. The best time to propose is when your significant other would least expect it. If you both prefer to stay in and cook together, you should try a meal preparation delivery service, which usually contains all of the ingredients and cooking instructions for you, since your mind will be more focused on other things.

Under the Stars

Laying outside under the stars, or even sitting around a small fire can create a very intimate and personal moment. Getting on one knee while the fire burns and the sky is lit with thousands of twinkling stars would be an unforgettable setting. This may be the place of choice if you enjoy camping as a couple, and often find yourselves out in the wilderness or venturing cross-country. The simplicity of the outdoors can often be the most romantic place to propose. You may also consider making a custom star map for the night of the proposal that would make a great gift for the occasion.

Treasure Hunt

Although it may be time-consuming and strenuous, setting up an elaborate treasure hunt for your partner that takes them to all of the most sentimental locations of your relationship would show much you truly care. Each place would produce a new clue that leads your partner to another location. You may use this as a way of pampering her for a day. For instance, an afternoon at the spa or salon would be a thoughtful and relaxing experience that they would truly appreciate. The last clue would lead directly to you, where you’d present the ring.

Proposing is one of the most rewarding things that any man or woman gets to do during their lifetime. Getting the chance to ask the person you love to spend the rest of your life together does not happen often and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take time to prepare for the moment and rehearsing what you will say is also very important. But stay calm, take a deep breath, and know that if it’s meant to be, your partner will definitely say yes.

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