Finding the right theme for your big day is the best part of planning a wedding. History is offering us a huge variety of options – dating back to the caveman days (hilarious, right?), through the medieval times back to date. We are going to look at one of the most glamorous and vibrant ages in the twentieth century – the Art Deco styled wedding.

What is Art Deco, exactly? It is an eclectic style that emerged in between the two World Wars and combines traditional craft motifs with Machine Age imagery and materials. The style is often characterised by lavish colours, strong geometric shapes and rich ornamentation. Dominating colours are a mixture of red, golden and white which gives the impression of very expensive taste.

Art Deco Collage 01

So let’s begin with the list!

The irresistible invitations

The first hint you should give out to your guests can be conveyed in the form of a very classy invitations. Asking your dearest friends and family to RSVP through a black and gold color palette means the game is definitely on and that glitz is its name. Bring out the roaring 1920s in you!

Art Deco Invitations

Remember to match a wedding guest book in the same style of the invitations.

The amazing venue

Remember the lavish parties Leo DiCaprio’s character, Jay, used to throw in The Great Gatsby? Well, inspiration for the Buchanan estate came from Old Westbury Gardens in Old Westbury, New York. Search for mansions, villas and houses with magnificent views and spacious yards so you may place your entire entourage at one open space.

Image Venue

The dreamy wedding dress

Introducing – the flapper dress! Low waist, V-shaped décolletage, short knee-high cut or with a long mermaid train, this dress was what marked women’s fashion in the 1920s. Look for dresses that have lace or tulle details at the back.

Art Deco Dress

Also, if you want to stay true to the colours of Art Deco, then instead of snow white go for a champagne coloured dress with golden accessories. A headband or a feathered head piece tops this styling perfectly. And, of course, don’t forget pearls.

The dapper style for the groom

As for the gentlemen, it is all about creating an extremely elegant look and dubbing it by the era’s popular name – the dapper style. All gents wore dashing, figure-fitting tuxedoes, either with a classic peak lapel, a Victorian-era shawl lapel, or tails. For a special ‘wow’ effect, be bold and choose a white dinner jacket.

Art Deco Groom style

All these cuts are rarely found in retail stores and the best option is to have them custom tailored as they do at i-Tailor. Pair the suit with a matching vest and you are set for the party of your lifetime.

Imaginative jewellery for the bride

The more bling – the merrier! There are a lot of wonderful ideas for engagement Art Deco rings, but the key is to find ones with strong symmetrical lines, geometrically shaped precious gems and daring colours like gold and black. Remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend – you can never go wrong with a vintage shinning rock! Try to add a Crystal Hair Band or a Hair Comb onto your 20s hair style. You will be transformed into a classic lady immediately.

Image Jewelry

To finish the total look, why not add an art deco clutch?

The Art Deco cake

The centre piece of the dinner buffet has to be the cake. If you don’t want to have it coated with pure 16-karat golden dust, then tone it down and have a cake decorated with Art Deco geometrical lines and figures or even Egyptian symbols.

Art Deco Cake

Charleston all night long

There’s nothing better than having live music accompany your every move during the most magical night of your life. Find a full band, better yet a chamber orchestra and dance the Charleston all night long.

The vintage car

Finally, you will need the perfect getaway ride: a vintage Jaguar or Rolls-Royce. Adorn it with floral garlands and silk white and gold scarves and you are set for your picturesque ‘’Just married’’ exit out of the greatest old school events your guests will ever witness.

“Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!” F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Can you picture yourself driving up to the venue in the most beautiful old timer, stepping out in front of the most beautiful mansion you’ve ever seen and looking at your loved ones eyes knowing you’ve made all the right choices? Great. You are ready for the Great Gatsby styled beginning of a wonderful journey through life.