A wedding is a day to remember, and preserving those magical memories is a high priority. Traditionally, photographers spend an hour or two getting group photos, which means less time to enjoy the reception. This can be extremely disappointing, especially since many couples spend a lot of money on their weddings and often have invited people that are very special to them, and whom they don’t get to see very often.

But, also to consider, is that today’s society is extremely image oriented.  People who are of standard age to get married have grown up in the digital age, and are an “Instagram generation.”  It’s extremely important for us to catalogue every single event, whether it be our lattes, an exciting dish at a new restaurant, or a new pet — so it’s extremely important that we give as much photography flourish to the most important events in our lives.  Because photography is so important, and because time is so limited– it’s important that you know exactly what photos you’re going to take on the big day. Here are some of our favourite winning bridal photography trends this year:

  • Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

Rather than stand at the front of the church or at the reception hall taking posed group photos, couples are opting to schedule these bridal party shoots well before the ceremony. Some brides hesitate because of the superstition that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before she walks down the aisle, but others either toss the notion or buy two different dresses. With the main shots done beforehand,  less time is spent taking pictures on the big day.

  • Unplugged Ceremonies

Digital cameras and smartphones are everywhere — and well-meaning guests may snap photos or record videos during the ceremony. Although this may seem helpful, it’s actually distracting and interferes with the professional photographers getting meaningful shots. Couples can create signage or make an announcement before the ceremony for guests not to take pictures and be present and enjoy the moment, technology-free.

  • Drone cameras

Drone photography has exploded in popularity, and photographers and clients alike love unique aerial photos. While the photos can be stunning, it requires a top-notch photographer with excellent flight skills. Someone without extensive training flying a drone could lose control of the device — causing bad pictures or injured bystanders. In the right hands, drone photography can merit one-of-a-kind photos.

  • Same Day Edits

Digital cameras make it easy to see pictures immediately and edit them into a slideshow to playback at the reception. A photo montage of pre-ceremony preparation and other candid moments might be a fascinating display. This could take time away from reception photos, but that’s a trade-off that the happy couple may be willing to take.

  • Teasers

Photographers can also make a shorter slideshow montage, or teaser, to post online the next day. The teaser contains 10 to 20 pictures from the entire day made available at the end of the night or the next morning.

  • Photojournalistic Coverage

Today’s couples are less interested in the traditional posed wedding photos and want more organic pictures that capture events in motion. An experienced photographer can capture this spirit both in the moment and with minimal staging. The resulting pictures tend to look less forced and more evocative.

  • Dramatic Images

Couples are also tired of the same old backgrounds. The more unconventional a setting, the more unique the photo. They could find a beach, a nearby pier, or a garden under a full moon. Fun, unconventional “posing,” like making funny faces, jumping into the air, or the groom carrying the bride piggyback style can also add a bit of whimsy.

  • Ring Shots

The rings are an extremely important symbol of everlasting love, and commitment.  The engagement ring is also the thing that started the entire process of this sacred union so it becomes crucial to get some amazing photographs. Couples are now opting to do entire photo shoots with the rings positioned in books, on tables, and in floral bouquets.  

  • Filmic Look

Digital photography cannot replace the nostalgic quality of photos developed from film. Filters made to mimic that give wedding photos a timeless, classic look that everyone associates with fine photography. Sharp, high-definition photos are still highly coveted, but the “old fashioned” look of film adds that little something extra.

  • Original, Creative Imagery

More people are opting for photos that feel less like America’s Next Top Model and more like America’s Funniest Home Videos. To that end, they are creating fun and unusual images, using everything from coloured smoke bombs to sparklers There are role reversal shots like the groomsmen gushing over the groom’s ring, or brides making muscle poses.  There are even silly poses, like the bridal party in their underwear, or the groomsmen opening their shirts to reveal superhero costumes underneath. Whatever creative imagery you opt for, just make sure that it fits your personalities or you may regret it.

Keep in mind the extra time, effort and cost of using any of these trends. Budget, location specifications or legal restrictions may not allow for some ideas. With proper research and a stellar photographer, you can get superior images that capture distinctive, fun memories.