When it comes to thanking those who helped make your dream wedding come to life, no one deserves a more heartfelt gift than the special people in your wedding party. After all, your wedding party is made up of your best friends and most trusted family members and it can be stressful to choose the most perfect present for this group. We have decided to help by creating a gift guide for both your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

For Your Bridesmaids:

No matter if your girls are a group of beauty queens or party animals or a little bit of it all, we have chosen some gifts that will be well received by everyone!

An always classic choice is a piece of jewellery. As common as a gift that it is, it can be difficult due to different styles of all of your bridesmaids. Therefore, it’s important to pick something simple and timeless, especially if you’re expecting them to wear this during your ceremony. Something that can be purchased in multiple metals is a great place to start.

If your bride tribe is full of homebodies that love to ensure their space is cosy and welcoming, then look into luxurious, high-quality candles. A candle may seem like a thoughtless gift at first, but pick a scent you know they will love and it becomes very personal. Maybe your maid-of-honour looks forward to her afternoon tea daily, so you can choose for her a spicy tea scented candle.

This gift is one you will not only be purchasing for your bridesmaids but for yourself as well! You know that at some point during the reception, your hair is going to need to get out of the way of your dance moves. Instead of everyone having a hair-tie on their wrist, that can be an eyesore during the ceremony, shop these hair-tie bracelets to keep your style polished and wedding-appropriate. Pair this gift with a basket of other travel-sized cosmetics to make it a gift perfect for all of your beauty queens.

For The Groomsmen: 

Luckily for you, men tend to be a little easier to shop for. Of course, they may have different interests and styles but there are a few items out there that most of your groomsmen need and probably don’t already own.

Whether it’s to open a bottle of beer or quickly twist a missing screw into place, all of your guys need a versatile Swiss Army knife to keep in their pockets. Again, it doesn’t matter if your friends are handymen, outdoorsmen or not! The Swiss Army knife is something all men take pride in carrying around with them. Purchasing your guys a high-quality one is a great way to show your thanks.

If your friends or family members tend to put function ahead of style, treat them to a fashionable pair of sunglasses that accomplish both. Sunglasses are a gift that keeps on giving because if you choose a high-quality frame that’s also stylish, your groomsmen will be reaching for these to use long after your wedding is over. Plus, there will be no added wedding-related stress on you when you order in bulk because of the process one and done!

A gift that will offer you and your crew fun before the wedding and long thereafter is this gorgeous acrylic tumble tower game! If your groomsmen are lighthearted gamers then this is something that they will be sure to appreciate. Plus, this sleek design will double as great decor after the wedding to set a fun mood in their home.

These gifts will help you thank your wedding party properly! Of course, you don’t have to stick to our guidelines… maybe your bridesmaids need new sunglasses or the groomsmen need a cosy candle. And you can mix-and-match these with other small gifts or a thank you note; your friends and family will never forget your thoughtfulness and appreciation.