If you’ve chosen to have a destination wedding, you’re probably equal parts extremely excited and super stressed. Planning all the details of a wedding is complicated enough; adding in hotel arrangements, working with vendors in other parts of the world, and the energy spent travelling can seem overwhelming.

But there are so many benefits of having a destination wedding, including using it as a kick-off to your honeymoon, and of course, tons of opportunities for stunning photos! Below are some tips on getting great photos at your destination wedding.

Ayia Thekla Beach Venue, Cyprus

Find the Right Photographer

Finding a photographer for a destination wedding can be tough. Do you go with someone you know, but might have to fly out? Or do you find someone local, who you’ll have to communicate with mostly by email, and might not even meet before your wedding?

As usual, the answer won’t be the same for everyone. We recommend pricing several local-to-you photographers as well as some local-to-your-destination photographers. Try to get recommendations from your venue and other vendors you’re working with. If you’re booking a fun honeymoon travel package, talk to the agency you’re working with, as they will have local connections. Then, compare the prices and quality of all your options.

Know What you Want to Highlight

There are a couple of tricks to getting wedding photography you’ll love for the rest of your life. The first is to find a quality photographer whose portfolio you love. The second is to communicate to that photographer what you want. If you want a couple of specific shots, like some of the ring, or you and your beloved in a picture frame held by loved ones, make that known.

You can also help your photographer out by keeping the décor simple yet elegant. If things get too busy, the photos will suffer. To this end, you may want to limit your wedding palette to 3-4 colors rather than the 5-6 that seems to be gaining popularity. Also, be sure to choose jewelry that matches your colors and setting. This nifty tool allows you to select your wedding colors and pick jewelry to match!

The important thing to consider about a destination wedding is that you want the photos to make it obvious where you are. If you’re on an island, you want lots of pictures of the beach. If you’re in a country whose heritage is important to you, you’ll want to make sure your décor and photo settings showcase that culture.

Create a list of everything you want to highlight and talk closely with your photographer about that.

Ayia Thekla Beach Venue, Cyprus

Work with the Hotel

With a destination wedding, the hotel you choose can make or break your entire experience. The hotel will likely be integral in getting guests to and from the airport, as well as providing the setting for your entire wedding, whether it doubles as the actual venue or not. Be sure to research hotels in major cities to find the most inclusive package. Depending on your needs, you’ll also want to talk with hotel representatives about how they have worked with couples in the past, and what wedding-specific services they offer.

Your hotel will be a great source of information in finding other vendors, entertainment for your guests, and more. Talk extensively with the staff to get the best recommendations. They also may be able to help you with staging recommendations for your photo sessions, especially if your photographer is not local to the destination.

These are just a few tips for getting the best photos of your destination wedding. Do you have any questions for our photographers? Ask in the comments!