When it comes to wedding trends, 2023 has been an exciting year: from mismatched bridesmaid dresses and sparkling metallic details, to the increased popularity of alternative venues such as beaches, backyards, and woods. Brides have shown to be more flexible, but also keener on making their weddings more personalized, as a true reflection of who they are and a celebration of their love towards their partners.


Two specific wedding styles emerged as the key wedding trends: authenticity and bohemian style. Here’s what you need to know.

Making it personal with rustic-luxe charm

Authenticity is all about the timeless elegance that captures the spirit of old eras, where glamour was in the focus. There is no universal formula on how to pull off this trend and that’s the beauty of it: it’s open to interpretation and leaves you a lot of room to express your personality. It’s all in the carefully selected details: think handmade furniture or personal decorations with a story behind them. The core of this style is really focusing on your wedding day as an important milestone in life that you want to share with the people you love. Through the choice of a venue, decorations, food, and music, you open up to your guests without holding back.


All of this can be nicely arranged in a tasteful way with a dash of glamour, making your guests feel welcomed. Vintage or shabby-chic decorations provide that warm feeling for an emotional wedding that’s not too perfect, but with a soul.It is not a classic, “sterile” wedding where your main role as a bride-to-be is just to pick the colors of ornaments and flowers, and other things that your wedding planner suggests. It’s about incorporating orange because your future husband was wearing orange sneakers the first day you’ve met; or decorating with freshly picked flowers from your grandma’s garden that she’s been cultivating for years.

Boho wedding style for free spirits

Boho is all about embracing life to the maximum, making it fun, exciting, filled with freedom and adventures. Bohemian style implies a specific approach to organizing a wedding: your wedding day is still a celebration of your future matrimony, but a celebration of life, in general. It is about throwing a party that marks a whole new beginning.


Venues such as woods or beaches are a wonderful choice for a boho wedding since you’re in a direct contact with nature, but you can also have an outdoor wedding with tents and wooden benches. Use wildflowers, feathers, and other boho decorations and think about how to decorate flower girl baskets so that they follow your wedding theme. Make a wreath of flowers for the flower girls and ensure their dresses match the overall hippie spirit.Hippie-boho style includes a lot of vivid colored flowers, gypsy-inspired feathers, dream catchers, various natural elements, and a laid-back attitude. You don’t need a bunch of makeup or a sleek up do. Think loose waves or other effortless hairstyles.A boho bride is not fussy!

Which one are you: Picking the right trend

The reason both of these trends became so popular lies in the fact they step away from the traditional wedding themes. They are more personal and therefore – require more effort. Every detail is carefully planned, which means you need to be present through every step and be your own wedding planner.


An authenticity wedding is perfect for romantic souls who want a warm, dreamy ceremony that will also be intimate and emotional, both for the newlyweds and the guests. There’s a certain vulnerability to it, and it’s beautiful. Boho is for those who enjoy living unconventional lives and also want to share this free-spirit approach with their guests. Either way, both of these wedding trends have well deserved their titles as the key trends for 2016.

As a bride-to-be, you have endless possibilities when it comes to picking a theme. Think about who you and your future partner are and throw a wedding everyone will be talking about with a nostalgic smile.