Wedding Invitations by Kalo Make Art

Little Tips on Invitations:

DO put your personalities in them.

DON’T send them out in the last minute.

For more photos of the Calligraphy workshop, please go to this facebook link.

Wedding Invitations by
Kalo Make Art

In the previous newsletter, we mentioned that Tina had a lovely visit in Hong Kong and joined a calligraphy workshop taught by a graphic artist, Kalo, who is specialised in designing wedding invitations and other printed materials used in weddings. It was great to get to know her more.

From choosing the pen and ink to demonstrating writing skill, Kalo provided a lot of details in Calligraphy. She mentioned how she wrote 200 envelopes for one wedding client with great attention. We found that it is actually really hard unless you have passion and patience.

Kalo was born in Hong Kong and studied Fine Art in London. After moving back to Asia, she was encouraged by her sister to continue to pursue her dream. Since her sister is doing bridal make up, Kalo started to look into the wedding industry and found that there is a lack of supply in bespoke wedding invitation card design service. So for the last 3 years, she has dedicated her time and energy on her business – Kalo Make Art.

Kalo provides the whole range of wedding stationery, from save the dates, wedding invitations, RSVPs, wedding table stationery, ceremony program, thank you cards, wedding favours, stickers to wax seal stamps, working with clients from all over the world on a regular basis. Nearly 40% of her clients are from or live in different cities around the world, including London, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo and Amsterdam to even Marrackech!

Although most of her work looks quite feminine, she said she loves to work with quirky ideas. Previously, she created an “infographic” bespoke wedding invitation suite for a couple called Nancy and Liam, both come from financial background so processing data and figures is an important part of their everyday work. Kalo used infographics to illustrate their interests and backgrounds on their wedding invitation. During the design process, they gave her a total of nine pages of information! The data includes the latitude of the place where they were born, the total distance they travelled together, their average annual household expenditure and even their daily energy cycle! It was really quirky and nontraditional.

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The idea sounds really cool and made us think of how we would like to make our own wedding invitations. (Yes, we have started stealing ideas from different people.) We were interested to know what Kalo did for her own wedding too! If you are interested as well, please have a look on this link, it is truly beautiful.

We would love to know if you are inspired by Kalo and please share with us your idea for stationary!

Best Regards,

Ertug & Tina


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